Eh…technology! You see this life is getting simpler and we all need is to take advantage of it. Who would have thought that one day I’ll just be able to sit in my house, using my phone or computer , order foodstuff and have them delivered to my house. Na so my people. When I told my mom she was like, "they are just making you girls of nowadays lazier" LOL. 

I was contacted by myfoodwarehouse to try out their service. It's a one-stop online grocery shop where they sell fresh and hygienically packaged ready to cook food items and have them delivered to you (as long as you're in Lagos). Click HERE to see where exactly they deliver to. This is just what we need especially as busy as life get's in Lagos, go to work early, sit in traffic, come back late...


So I agreed to try out their service although I was a bit skeptical-me I like to see the exact thing I’m buying before purchase-that’s the koko of going to the market but anyways I went ahead and ordered for Kpomo, smoked catfish, goatmeat, okro, ugwu, tomatoes, fresh pepper, zobo, plantain, agbalumo, ogbono (blended and unblended), vegetable oil, periwinkle. All of that for about 6000 naira. 

When I placed the order, I got a call a few minutes later to confirm my order and the address, which I did. Just like that, they delivered to my house but I wasn’t home so someone took the delivery for me. My first experience was great but I wasn’t done. 

What if they were just making sure my order was properly packaged because they knew they were delivering to me? 

About a week later I tried again to order some food stuff. I ordered for those things I usually find hard to purchase i.e periwinkle, goatmeat, chopped Ugwu leaves (they can chop it for you if you want) and some other food items. 

It was interesting to find out that it was the same process- I ordered just a few minutes to 12:00 and my order still came that day. It was raining heavily and for the back of my mind I just conclude say “they will soon call and say they cannot deliver because of the rain”…but the dispatch guy came in that heavy rain to deliver my market. 

I was impressed with how fresh the items were especially the tomato and pepper. I love fresh pepper. I love how everything was sealed and packaged in see through freezer packs so you can see what is inside. I placed most of the items like that directly in the fridge. 

If you order below 5000 naira, you get to pay 500naira delivery fee but any purchase above 5k will be delivered for free. There's no minimum order...if you like order for one basket of garri, they will deliver to you. Orders before 12:00 get to you that same day but anytime after 12:00 will be delivered next day. They deliver between the hours of 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday.

The only complaint I have was when I bought goatmeat the second time, it included some strange part of goatmeat…like all those innards and I no dey chop am. Maybe next time I need to specify that the goat meat should just be meat not mixed with kidney/liver etc. 

So you see, this babe has not been going to the market-biko the weather is too hot and the energy to drive all the way no dey there. Myfoodwarehouse has everything I basically need to cook and the price is not bad at all, delivery is fast, the foodstuff is a good price. What else do I need na? Unless I just want to go and be suffering myself. 

 You should definitely give them a try because this makes life easier...

No 1 Segun Kujore Street, Magodo
Telephone :08133046436, 09098869525
Email : info@myfoodwarehouse.com


  1. Another discovery, i tried Mile12 Plus and they were good too.
    "They're just making you girls of nowadays lady" Exactly what my mum would say!!!!

  2. Just what i needed
    Market runs online now.. Just like when I was living in yankee
    Naija we hail

  3. Awesome! It's a pity I don't live in lagos,wonderful blog you have here Sisi yemi.

  4. Sisi Yemmie, try placing an order and request that your order be delivered to a different address. Then we can compare the level of service. The thing with Naija is that when business starts newly, it is in tip top shape and then they get plenty customers and everything starts to dwindle...

    I am impressed anyways - your 'market' looks reasonably priced............ Kudos to them....

    1. Calabar Gal, same thing was running through my mind, Sisi try a different address let's see, hope they continue supplying fresh stuff like this always. Why can't I cyber shop like this in PH instead of going to haggle with all those market women.

      use this code::

      Hi all,

      Please check out my blog, Wordsbykoko.blogspot.com

      Thanks :)

  5. Whaoh! Very lovely... Me wey i hate Lagos market like kilode. The dirty environment and the handling gan sef. I will surely try them soon.

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  6. Namesake, this is the generation of smart workers and not hard workers, so money is made from what others consider inconvenient.Thanks for sharing boo


  7. All this kind thing sha... lol...for now low profile! student no fit order for all this kind thing! Besides mumsi sells most of all this things...that's why our soup no dey last for house...lol...everything is changing tho,its nice

  8. A very welcome development. Makes shopping easy.


  9. yemisi,you said it well,money is made from what others consider inconvenient.

  10. It's my first time here and I must say this site's content are fantsatic. Keep it up Sisi Yemi.

  11. Ghen ghen! it's all over! lol My mum is going to hear this lol love it`!

  12. Great biz idea and would help lots of people in lag, especially the working class ladies..

    And your mom is right. Wahala with laziness has started.lol

  13. Food Warehouse is going places, niCéeee. I like your frankness in describing the services and expectations. It's just amazing the things we can achieve these days at a click...Thumbs up

  14. Food Warehouse is going places, niCéeee. I like your frankness in describing the services and expectations. It's just amazing the things we can achieve these days at a click...Thumbs up

  15. Lovely post Yemisi! Tried them already, and they are as good as you've described. Kudos to all SMART working Nigerians!

  16. This right here is the life!
    Yes please! I'm more excited about the chopped ugwu lol!

  17. So that's how we all stopped going to the market in 2015.

  18. This sounds like such a great service, thanks for sharing. Living in that Lagos requires many conveniences of possible.

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  20. Nice one.
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    for your tyres/battery and many more.


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