Yes oh! We have come to the end of 2013...few hours more and we'll be shouting "Happy New Year!" Some of us don kukuma tire for 2013: abeg let it come and do and go. LOL. While others have had the best year ever in 2013! Different strokes ba? Regardless, I bet we have learned something from our experiences this year, for me it was an eye opener that's why I even uploaded this video about the LESSONS LEARNED IN 2013! If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube Channel you can do so by clicking HERE. You can choose to watch the video if you want to hear my jollof voice but I decided to write it out for those of you that can't watch.

1.  Hard work pays off but you not only have to work hard, you've got to work smart too! I feel truck pushers are one of the most hard working people but still they do not make a ton of money? Work hard + work smart = success!

2. Your success in life is not dependent of anyone else but you. You could have been born in a family struggling to make ends meet, you may not have the privilege as others but YOU can definitely change your story by taking the right steps. You are responsible for you.

3. If you feel you don't have a goal or you don't know what your purpose in life is maybe you should follow your passion - It will most likely lead you there. Always have something you're working on, don't be idle.

4. People are watching you. Always know that!

5. Try to live within your means. I even made a video about this. Be content with what you have but that doesn't mean you can't aspire for more. Appreciate wherever you are in your life's journey! Watch the video I made about Living Within Your Means HERE.

6. Don't forget to live a little, experience the joys of life. Go out, have fun, do the best you can do to make each day count.  I try not to put off some main enjoyment till when I'm older because who knows what the future holds? It's here and now! LIVE! YOLO!

7. People will always talk. Good. Bad.

8. Save some funds. I used to spend impulsively and I never really saved any money but I realised I was always very uncertain, very fearful and always caught off guard. So I decided to save and when you save you can put money aside for your everyday tinz and keep some for unforeseen circumstances. You will sleep better at night when you know your account balance is not reading 4 Naira 50 kobo.

9. Life is simple unless you're not.

What lesson's have you learned in 2013?



  1. True words sisi Yemmie!
    A fab 2014 to all!

  2. My lessons learnt in 2013:
    1. God is always there whether you ask Him or not
    2. Forgive! Forgive!! Forgive!!!
    3. Don't ever live your life to please others


  3. Kinda have a similar post about the lessons I've had...I can relate to 2013 being an eye opener, there where the good times and the not too good times...but everything is just to shapen us into who we were created to be

    Cheers to a glorious 2014


  4. I've learned from your lessons! Thx

  5. I learned that God answers prayers! Sharon

  6. I enjoy your videos Sisi!

  7. Leke. Forgiveness is key!

  8. 2013 was an eye opener for me as well,I have learnt so much that will be useful for me till the end...


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