Hi All! Have you heard about this event? I'll tell you about it! 

'The Total Professional Woman” strives for balance in all areas of her life; personal life, career,and family. Every female who desires success in all aspects of her life must strive for mastery; she must extend herself and stretch beyond her comfort zone in order to develop her skills and personae. The Total Professional Woman event is one that provides an opportunity for women to learn and develop skills, interact with top female executives, and also network with peers. You should be there!
The various areas to be covered during the event include:
  • Developing and Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Excelling in the Workplace 
  • Networking for Mutual Gain 
  • Managing Relationships Building Strong Self-esteem 
  • Protocol
  • Communication Skills 
  • Social Media 
  • Manners Posture & Visual Poise
  • Understanding your Body type
  • Building Your Wardrobe; Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories
  • Dressing for Occasions
  • Makeup Techniques and Colour
  • Manicure & Hair Care
  • Dining Etiquette
This event is being organized as a collaborative effort by:
  • Ada Obaje, The Doxad School of Etiquette/ Executive Finishing School
  • Foluke Edgar, Modini
  • 'Gbubemi Atimomo, Talent & Enterprise Managers
  • Alero Abada, Image, Style, Etiquette and Protocol Coach.
  • Moderated by: Wana Wana
For more information you can contact||
Ada Obaje||08037105764
'Gbubemi Atimomo||08023902937
Foluke Edgar||08027339676

Tickets cost 10,000 Naira but if you purchase from SISIYEMMIE you get it for 9500 naira! Send an email to to purchase. Also, if you leave a comment below, then you could be the winner of a free ticket! I have 5 to giveaway, so I'll give them out 1 day at a time by picking a winner from the comments section of all my posts!

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  1. Yay, I must atttend. Sisi give me ticket na. Thankiesss.

  2. okay sisi, i havent won any of ur give aways, i have started trying! please note

  3. if i dont win a ticket this time hen...#picks up fry pan# be ready to see stars loooll. i ve been waiting for this post for the past 2 hours oooo, using my company's desktop for that mata. if dem catch me hen. oya pls na beg i dey beg, i need one free ticket, i no go nak u frypan again.

  4. You are an amazing lady. It's definitely a conference to look forward to. Free ticket please... Lol.

  5. zeeunique2@yahoo.comDecember 2, 2013 at 3:15 PM

    I haven't gotten any give away..I must attend oomm

  6. I would have loved to attend definitely esp cos am at a low point in my life right now! This conference could be the jolt I need, but alas, am NOT in lagos but in P.H.
    So over to U other blog visitors, listen & share with me when U are back please...

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  8. I would love to be a part of the programme. Nice work sisi

  9. Hi sisi,I sent you a mail and still waiting for a reply.Thanks

  10. It Will be Nice to be à part of this gréât évent. Looking forward to being Thérè. Yippeeee

  11. This programme will help build not just a great 'ME' but also nations that will cross my path. Hence, my attendance will be of great importance to the world at large. I need a free ticket please. #smiles#

  12. I will like to be a part of this interesting programme.

  13. Sisi I am interested in this one o.....I pray I win the ticket

  14. I have never won a giveaway and I would really love to attend this workshop.

  15. Oh God,pls let your daughter win one ticket,pls,pls Lord,I say Amen by faith...

  16. There's nothing like a bit of personal development to end the year on a high! I'm so expectant!


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