Iyanya was recently interviewed by PUNCH and these are excerpts from the interview:

"I do not get it when people say we (artistes) show off on social media. I mean if God has blessed me, there is no reason to hide that. We are not showing off. After all, everyone knows Iyanya’s story. Whenever I post pictures of my cars or money on Instragram, the public should understand that it is just my own way of saying if God can do it for me, He can for you too.” 
He further states, “I come from a very humble background and have also struggled to be where I am. Since I achieved nothing by my own strength or might, I don’t think it is worth talking or boasting about."

He also tells E-Punch that he has very loyal fans overseas...

“I am not half as appreciated in Nigeria as I am overseas. I guess that is the many rewards that ‘Kukere’ has earned me within a short period of time. The track is the most requested of all my songs at home and abroad. The Soul Train nomination was the icing on the cake for me, I felt proud walking and sitting close to my role models at the award ceremony. It was a life-changing moment for me,” he says.The truth is that I came up with Kukere to make money because Nigerians were not listening to RnB . See where it has gotten me today,”

“I am also looking into investing in the oil and gas sector in the New Year, because I feel investment is key. Artistes must learn to invest because the fame is temporary and sometimes a façade. Truth is you will not always be in the spotlight and you may become bankrupt if you are careless with funds.”

Good luck Iyanya!!! 


  1. if arm robber attack ur enemy i hope u wil understnd why. instagram don bcom church wey person dey go go do thanksgivin if he feel say God bless am abi?.

  2. Smh..cannot comprehend that explanation tbh. In as much as i don't care if artists are showing off (in fact i dont know why anyone should care about that). His explanation is just too absurd. Really ? Nah, this is dumb.

  3. My dear, your explanation is just dumb!!! You are not showing off but Thanking God. I guessyou are the World overseer of Instagram fellowship of christ ministries. What rubbish? Iyanya please grow some brain & quit thinking like a 1yr old boy displaying his toys to neighbours!!!
    Btw, I love your RnB more. I had goosebumps when you sang Angels wings at MtnPF gala night.


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