You guys know I’m a foodie, I love good food! I heard about Bangkok a few days before, since I was craving something different, I was tired of jollof rice, pounded yam, so I said, why not! Bangkok serves Thai food and this would be my third time eating Thai, did I enjoy myself? Read the rest of the review! Bangkok Restaurant opens 11:00 am - 11:00 pm, they take Bookings, Walk-ins, Takeaway, Delivery, Catering and Table Service!

I went with my youngest sister, Shade aka Baby Scorch aka Miss Chic, so we spent the whole time, gisting and gossiping, making plans and just enjoying our food. Special Announcement: today is my sisters birthday, YAY! I wonder where we will be visiting this weekend...*wink!

Bangkok Restaurant is the perfect description of don't judge a book by its cover, Kai, immediate we found the restaurant we both laughed, na here be the Bangkok? It wasn't really ghen-ghen! In fact, I immediately started wondering who send me go. They need to work on their ambience. It was poorly lit but neat. It was quiet, which is good and on that day it wasn't quite filled up. I hope they are making profit from the business because apart from the ambience, the food is GOOOOOOD! Nor be ambience we go chop!
The waitresses were very warm and encouraged us to try out new dishes: we got great customer service. They checked up on us from time to time to see if we wanted anything and they gave us an accurate description of everything we were eating! We even got free pineapple! I thought that was sweet! We couldn't finish the main dish so they put it in a takeaway bowl for us! 
I decided to go for a full course, we both shared a starter which I would advice you to if you go with someone, we shared a platter of  mixed appetizers: spring rolls, satay chicken and wonton…it was so hot, spicy and yummy! I didn't expect it to taste that good! *licks lips. Our main dish was Fried Rice with Jungle Seafood, that was yummy too, there was Octopus in it! That was my first time eating Octopus! LOL. Not bad. e also had Choo Chee Pla which is  stir-fried fish with red curry and coconut milk. Yum, yum, yum! Don't be scared of the name, it actually tastes very very delicious!!! If you go ehn, just order what I ordered for nd you won't be disappointed.
Ey! Brethren, when we saw our bill we scratch head, it was 14,000 naira! Please my mommy should not know this, that we went out and only 2 of us chop 14k! Ah! If we had split the main dish which was A LOT! we would have saved about 3500 naira. The Choo Chee Pla was 3500 per plate, the appetizer was 2800 per platter, we had drinks, Chapman which was about 600 naira each. This is not an everyday restaurant, but I would go there just for their appetizer sha, that one no too cost.
I looooove it! The food was amazing and the best Thai I have had so far, in fact, I fell in love with Thai food! The decor was not great but the quality of the food, customer service made up for all of that! You should definitely visit Bangkok Restaurant! I want Bobo to come with me on my next visit, he would love it!
244A Muri Okunola street, Victoria Island, Lagos || Tel: (234) 1 461 9124


  1. I love Thai food, and those pics are making so very hungry.

  2. Happy enjoyment sisi!.hope u send my credit dis

  3. So yummy....happy birthday to Shade wish her God's blessings

  4. 14k ke? Lol I would rather eat ramen noodles! But gosh I love the pictures you took...they're making me hungry! :)

  5. Mehn! See enjoyment. The food looks yummy!!! Infact I'm already imagining myself there...hehehe.

  6. LMAOOOOO at 14k.......That's a lot! but then, when I do some of these conversions to USD, it doesnt come to a lot afterall.

  7. Thanks for spreading the word. I've been telling anyone who will listen that Bangkok is the only restaurant I've been to in Lagos that has AUTHENTIC Thai Food.

    Did you try the chicken spring rolls? Not the regular ones, the chicken. The chicken literally melts in your mouth.

  8. I need to a definitely visit! #Wishlist..
    The food makes me want to dive in!

  9. This can actually pass for the same review I wrote on my website .The experiences shared were 99% similar to mine. The food is so darn tasty. The ambience didn't do it all but the excellent service and food made up for it. I'd go there again and again.


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