Erica Campbell has been getting a lot of backlash lately since she released her Gospel Album Cover, Erica is the other half of Gospel duo Mary Mary and a Pastor's wife; I never knew she was this curvy, just look at that coke bottle body! Oooh la la! I guess this is exactly the problem, she has been criticized, this album cover is too sexy for a gospel artiste.

Here's what other people think:

"As a gospel singer, you should do things that will glorify God. But that dress ain't doing so," one unimpressed fan said.

Another wrote: "Is she planning on bringing peeps 2christ by 1st making them commit lustful sin? Lol its way too sexy girl."

But one admirer insisted: "There is nothing wrong with that outfit. The good Lord looks at the heart of man."

"This is not ok.Yes, you are a beautiful, curvy woman but no ma'am you are singing the gospel of Jesus Christ." wrote pastor Stacey Woods on the American Preachers site.

"We compel men to come through our love for Jesus, but when we wear things that are distracting, the message is somehow lost and it becomes about us and not about Him," Woods affirmed.

Erica Campbell does not think this is too sexy , she says "God knows my heart. I didn't do anything wrong". She further stated that Christians were often too quick to judge others. 

"It just makes me sad that us Christians can't see beyond our initial reaction and don't seek God before we attack other brothers and sisters,"she said.

What do you think? Too sexy for church?

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  1. I really don't know as we are not to judge, but I wouldn't wear that on any album cover, have to keep the mystery mystery.

  2. I don't think its terrible. She looks beautiful to me, I don't think her intention was to seduce anyone. When it comes to ministry you have to think about those you're trying to reach. Can they handle it? The truth is, if she was skinny this wouldn't be an issue cuz she's fully covered! She should just allow the Holy Spirit to lead her. She's beautiful jor! Ppl shouldn't be so hard on her jare.

  3. so bcoz she is a gospel singer she can't wear clothes dat maks her look sexy? dem forget say she get husband nd she might b lookin sexy fr him? we'll dere is notin wrong wit dat dress to me sha. one tin is d lady is beautiful nd she look mwuuuuah jus lik my sisiyemmie

  4. Romans 14:14-23 explains this particular situation. If what you do or are doing causes your brother in Christ to stumble, as a follower of Christ you should stop it. This dress on the cover of an album that's suppose to glorify Christ is not appropriate, you can already see it's taking away from its message already rather than have people focus on the content of the song, they are focusing on the dress. Beautiful woman as she is, if you claim to stand for Christ, then you will be careful what you do. I have had to change my dressing style myself for church and honestly if it makes someone's Christian walk easier then she should be glad to make those sacrifices. That's what Love is.

    1. I concur. I'm no saint but this is meant to a gospel album cover.

  5. She's covered up all the way to the neck... because the dress is body fitting? The outfit is classy. There is nothing wrong with this being on the cover of her album.

  6. She's covered up all the way to the neck... because the dress is body fitting? The outfit is classy. There is nothing wrong with this being on the cover of her album.

  7. I don't see anything wrong with it. She has a nice shape and just wore a normal plain dress. I think she looks fab.

  8. Biko, there is nothing wrong with this dress; she couldn't be any MORE covered up than she is here. And like someone said, its a very classy dress too. People just need to renew 'their' minds in my opinion...

  9. shes too beautiful mehn, well theres nothing wrong there just that her beauty is something else

  10. Well, hips don't lie. How can you hide God's architect? Then again who am I to talk.

  11. As Christians we have a duty to not judge our brethren. her dress is a turtle neck dress. it covers all the places. she has curves. is she to then wear sack cloth. I'm sure Esther didn't wear sack cloth to catch the eye of the king. the album is to spread the gospel and it has to he catchy in a way. will you be listening and looking at the album cover the whole time. biko Erica dey sell ur music

  12. Personally I think it's too much. I think it would be a distraction for many people - look at the conversations already. I don't believe she should be in a sack - there is a wide range between this and a sack - but she can still be sexy without the body con dress. I honestly think if the dress was more structured and didn't cling so much around the knees and thighs, it would have been less drama.


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