It’s time for shopping, this season, people start early to search for special gifts for their own, their friends, and their family. If you are still stuck for idea, then to look to who are gearing up for the holiday season, especially the Christmas! Maybe you will be the luckiest one to win their free ‘2013 Christmas gifts’ - a full lace human hair wig!

Wigs are not new to most people these days since there are many people shopping for all kinds of wigs . Keep in mind that not only celebrities could be stylish, chic all the time, you also have the equal chance to be fashionable and to get the focus around you! is like none other! It has the first-rate manufacture skill, aiming to offer their customers the best quality.

As professionals, they provide the hottest hairstyles on diverse lace human hair wigs. What is special is that they provide customized service which means you can order a wig according to your requirements. For example, if you have thinning hair, you could custom the hair density.  If you are a fan of some star, you could also find the same styled wig on EvaWigs, like Rihanna, Beyonce, Ciara, Hilton and so on. The collection is huge, if you are fond of wavy hair with bangs, prefer straight with baby hair, or love curls with different styles, you will be satisfied there. Their products are hot selling in Africa, Europe, USA and more.

Now let’s take a peek at what their ‘2013 CHRISTMAS GIFTS’ event is like. The most attractive point is that everyone would benefit from this activity. The winner will get one 10-inch afro curly full lace human hair wig, worth $259. The second and third will get a $50 off coupon which is less seen on other sites! As to the non-winning entrants, they will get $25 off coupon which is only seen on some sites on their promotion time! The rules are simple, but absolutely fair and equal since you could see every event-details on their official Facebook:! Share your natural hair journey and photo to win a free high-quality wig for Christmas now!

Lastly, as the shopping season is coming, keep an eye on the site since it will hold promotion sales for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale! Save more for your own! 


  1. lol..Share your natural hair journey and photo to win a free high-quality wig for Christmas? that one go hard smol oo.. i av only one photo of my natural hair on my fone oo.. hw i wan tak do am?

  2. Wher do we share the pics?

  3. Hi i am so glad i found your post. thank you

  4. Hi Mz Bombshell and TP, you can visit our homepage to see the details about this activity.


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