A group of young Comic lovers in Nigeria called Comic Republic have come together to create a Nigerian Super hero called Guardian Prime. This hero is indestructible, strong, sexy, and full blown Nigerian.  He is a fashion designer based in VGC who transforms into a super hero to save Nigeria from calamities. The best part is he is only as strong as he thinks he is. The more faith he has, the more he can do.

They use this unique character and amazing art to teach morals and values in a subtle way in each story. The comic debuts online every month and in the silver bird and Genesis flyers once every month.

And it's free!

At the just concluded Comic Con here in Lagos (yeah, we have one) they gave out 5k cash to anyone who could draw the character. This Christmas, it's double the offer 10k up for grabs to anyone who can draw and colour their super hero and entries are already pouring in. Winners will be decided by the eve of Christmas. 

Guardian Prime has received immense love from comic artists in Nigeria who recently voted it the Nigeria's top Comic book character at the Emperors' Comic book awards. GP was also reviewed by Comic bandits. Who praised the art and unique story telling skills.

Guardian Prime is not the only title under team Comic republic's belt, They also have The extremes and Eru, fear of the dark A must read for comic lovers. From amazing art to inspiring stories, there is nothing stopping this group of talents who want to build a franchise so big they will have DC knocking. Now that will be great visibility for the Naija Comic industry won't you agree?

Please download all their titles free from www.comicrepublicmedia.com and tell us what you think!!!


  1. yaayyyyyyyy Balox reporting live for comic republic :D

  2. wow this is incredible... glad to hear about this comic Republic and their super hero invention. It's high time something like that came started in Africa as well... hope their franchise gets even bigger and better

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