I have heard a lot about Radisson Blu and I have even driven past it a couple of times, so when I knew they serve buffet, all my foodie antenna stood up!  I love buffets because I like options, and I like eating! What did I think of Radisson Blu? Hmmmmm.... oya read the review. Have you seen my previous reviews? Check the out HERE

I went with Trace, Miss Chic, and Bobo. I’ve been there twice now, the first time was without Bobo and the second time he was present. We had fun and we challenged ourselves, who can chop the most? I think I’m carrying the award for that one... Trace Scorch carry second. LOL. No food gets wasted! Correction, No Good Food Gets Wasted!

It is a beautiful hotel and the ambiance in the restaurant is lovely, I prefer it during dinner. You can have a candle lit dinner, just so romantic. If you’re bringing your babe I would suggest you come during dinner for that love-in-tokyo effect, you sha will get less food variety but it doesn't matter, you’re there to stare into each other’s eyes not eat *wink.

If you don’t want to sit inside the restaurant you can sit outside by the ocean and collect breeze to cool your temper. I always sit out when I go because I find that the breeze encourages me to eat more.

The waiters were very hospitable, my favorite was Akpos, LOL. Immediately I knew his name was Akpos I felt at home as per Waffi tinz. I asked him when he lived in Delta State and we all got along with him really well. He made us comfortable, bringing us anything we desire (and intend to pay for)

I had plenty! I started with Fried Rice and fried meat stew, it was so delicious! I paced myself, I went for round two, that was amala + pounded yam + ogbono soup and one other Calabar soup like that, I don forget the name. The ogbono was lovely but that Calabar soup nor gel at all. No bad feelings, I quickly moved on to Lasagna, roast potatoes etc. I had dessert, peppersoup...choi. I chop belleful. Trace even carry take away sef, I don’t know if it is allowed oh but you can request for foil paper, wrap your food and take away.
It was not cheap sha, it costs 8500 naira for their Sunday brunch, but that comes with drinks unlimited juice apple/orange. It also came with a lot more variety of meals. If you go for Sunday dinner it costs 7100 naira, does not include drinks and the food variety is less than what they serve during brunch. However, you get to enjoy listening to the band singing beautiful tunes.

I loved the variety of food they had, compared to other Restaurant's that serve buffet, they did a good job. Most of their dishes were lovely too, I love especially their stewed chicken and beef. Oh, so yummy!!! The ambience was very lovely...  its just that still, I believe we should campaign that every Restaurant that serves buffet should offer free water as well, haba! How much is bottle of Eva water?! 

Have you been to Radisson Blu? What did you think of it?

PS. My blog has not been updating on other blog lists and it has not been sending updates to those of you that are subscribed, there's a teeny weeny fault that would take time fixing. Please always visit my blog everyday, there are new updates everyday! 


  1. Lovely...

  2. Chai sisi yemmie I dnt believe only u ate dis if na true I give u BIG hand

  3. Sisi Yemmie and her tension don come ooo. Choi i'm crying. Lol..have a merry "igbadunfied" christmas ! In fact i trust you for that igbadun side.

  4. Been to radisson several times, good customer service, good food and fantastic ambience. It was the last place I hung out with a friend before she passed away weeks after so I have missed feelings these days... But they alright

  5. choi! i no blame u as u chop well well. No naira must fall to the ground.

  6. Sisi you sabi better life. Just got to know about your blog today and not letting it go.

  7. Welldone Ma'am! Where problem go dey na if u come get pot belle oh. I go join bobo hancuff u for 40days fasting be that. So make sure u chop & work it off!
    Enjoy urself well well jaree! Dem say na yolo.

  8. I went there after your review...lovely!

  9. I took my husband there...thank you sisi!

  10. Can't wait to visit here when I come to naija!

  11. sisi we need to start paying you to review for us ooooooo lekan

  12. The post honestly aggravated my hunger

  13. wow. I'm consider this buffet for my birthday in a week's time. Anyone know how much it is now since this post was written over three years ago


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