The Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup brand is a luxury range of menstrual cups completely different from all other brands on the market today. Undoubtedly it is the Rolls Royce of menstrual cups. This brand has revolutionized menstrual cup design by moving the look and feel away from the dull plain clinical hospital and medical device like look and feel of all other brands to introduce this beautifully aesthetic brand with ample volumes sure to give a woman for up to 12 hours. This is due to its comfort, unique cup design, soft swell rim for extra capacity and engraved patterns which make it as pretty as lingerie, and as pretty as you.

 Aside from the beautiful design of the Cup, its revolutionary unique short leaf stem which rests on a ball grip is thinner than the cup walls so that it occupies less space and thus causes less discomfort in the vaginal area than the long flat ribbed tab or hollow blunt ribbed stems of other brands.
Because the bottom of the Luv Ur Body Cup is rounded as opposed to the funnel /triangle shaped ends of most brands which cause the painful poking some women experience with the other brands. This rounded bottom as a safety measure comes standard like air bags in a car and helps to eliminate the painful poking and the risk of damage to the hymen by the pointed end and hollow stem entangling with the hymen and possibly stretching or tearing it. Its “no mess” peachy soft texture on the outside of the Cup ensures that the Cup comes out clean when removed from the vagina for emptying.

Satisfied Customers have written back after using the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup to say;
“I just want to say thank you for having the guts to make a big menstrual cup with a romantic design…….. It fits me well. And I have to admit, it feels a little like putting a piece of art into my vagina. What makes me feel kind of special on my period. Making the period a time to celebrate yourself” has described the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup in the following words;
“The floral design gives the cup a luxurious feel to it, a lot of care has gone into designing this cup”

As a woman by now you may or may not have heard about menstrual cups as an alternative to pads and tampons for your menstrual periods. A menstrual Cup is a small normally bell shaped cup made of mostly medical grade silicone and inserted vaginally. Menstrual cups are popularly categorized as a “RUMP” in the online community of menstrual cup enthusiasts.

 Once inserted properly, you cannot feel  a menstrual cup inside you same way you can’t feel a tampon when it’s in the vagina. The do not need to be taken out before urination and bowel movement. The major benefits of menstrual cups over pads and tampons is that menstrual cups can give a woman upto 12 hours leak and odour proof protection before it needs to be emptied. This undoubtedly allows a woman to completely forget about her period and all the hassles associated with it and get on with her busy day. Women with very heavy menstrual flow brought on by medical conditions such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, hormonal imbalance will benefit from these life changing menstrual cups as well as women with issues of incessant spotting from Inter Uterine Devices (IUD). Because they are not worn externally, discomforts such as unpleasant vaginal odour caused by fecal E.Coli bacteria from the anus feeds on the uterine lining and blood thus kick starting the fermentation process that causes the smell are eliminated as the menstrual fluid has no contact with air or the vaginal walls where these bacteria cling to.

That staining and unpleasant urine smell of the tampon rope by the end of the day, leaks/ stains, friction, friction sores, shafting from pads, soreness from sitting on the pad “bump”, and the soggy feeling most women who use pads feels from sitting in a pool of their own blood all day not to mention the rashes some women get from the wetness of pads. It eliminates heat , vaginal hair getting painfully pulled by the pad sticky tape,  carrying extra pads and tampons about in your purse, fibers being deposited in the vaginal canal by tampons and the health risks associated with the dioxins contained in the industrial bleaches used to make pads and tampons.

 Menstrual Cups are re-usable over a period of three (3) years or more thus making them not only more eco-friendly but cost effective as well. On average, a woman will spend the cost price of one menstrual cup pack on the different absorbencies she purchases monthly on tampons and over 3-4 months on pads.  A woman typically uses 14-21 pads or more during one menstrual cycle which amounts to tones of waste from feminine hygiene products when we take into consideration the over  1.3 Billion women on earth today who may be of menstruating age. Menstrual cups are emptied when needed within the 12 hour period and the contents are simply flushed down the toilet thus eliminating all the hassles of disposing pads by wrapping them in discreet bags or tissue or newspaper. Each time you empty your cup, water is used to rinse it out thoroughly before reinsertion. A few drops of feminine wash can be used to wash out the Cup if you prefer. At the end of each menstrual cycle, to sterilize it, the Cup can either be boiled for about 15 minutes or soaked for 15mins in water to which either Milton tablets or Milton solution has been added to. A pack of Milton is inexpensive and will typically last up to 2 years.  You can basically say GOODBYE to pads and tampons with menstrual cups.

The Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup is available for purchase globally directly from their website online store
Visit their website for list of stores near you & for more information
Or follow them on Twitter @LuvMenstrualCup
Call - on +234(0)818 683 9494

Connect with them on BBM -2A9E4C62


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  5. Another alternative for menstrual flow,nice.i will try if it's comfortable.sisi yemmie I watched u on TVC last month.i learnt somfin from u o

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