Yes oh! I promised that the review will not "tay" and I am keeping to my word. On my last Monday Chit-Chat post I mentioned going to Lekki Leisure Lake and I got so many questions regarding my visit. I will answer them all today and maybe you might decide to go there too, why not? You can add it to your list of places to visit in Lagos. Read my previous reviews HERE

I remember asking my darling Simisola where her brother did his own Jet-Ski tinz and she provided me with some information so I was searching the web till I found Lekki Leisure Lake, I called everyone and begged them to follow me. I cannot go alone.  Thank you all.

I went with Bobo, Trace Scorch, Miss Chic, Semilore's mom & dad. For those of you who asked, we left Semilore at home, do you miss his appearance? LOL. Lets bring Semilore back!
How else can you describe a beach? That's what it was: a beach with some toys around it... Bumper Boats, Beach Buggie Pontoon Boat, Quad biking, Wave Boat. There was a shop where eatables and drinkables are sold, just one. You are not permitted to bring in your own food, but we didn't have to, we don chop belleful before we reach there. We only had a few drinks, I had the usual Chapman and it wasn't the best I've had in a while.
I played in the sand, took pictures. At first I just wanted to siddon and allow the boys have all the fun but as I saw one babe doing the jet-ski I got gingered and I decided to overcome my fear of water. I don't know how to swim and I was scared of falling over, but as you can see, I did not fall, I did not slip and I enjoyed the one point I even formed James Bond and stood on the kini... kai it was fuuuuuuuun! I cannot say the same for the truck ride, I kept riding off-course and kept jamming people in front of me, at one point my truck almost toppled over, I fear oh!

The boys enjoyed it more, even Miss Chic; they were racing, riding with one hand. Call me chicken! LOL. In the photo below you can see when I started my journey, and the picture on the right is my chicken face after one round, pere. I came down kia kia, I don't like rough play.
The people at the entrance were nice, no, we did not get smiles, we were not really expecting smiles and I can understand because they were under the sun, if na you, you go smile? There was no chaperon inside the leisure area, the managers of the ski made sure we sha wore our life jackets, also the managers of the trucks did not allow non-riders to just waltz around those riding, to avoid accidents.

We paid 1000 Naira each to enter the Leisure Park, The Jet-Ski cost 3000 Naira per person for a 15 minute ride and NO, you cannot share your 15 minutes with anybody. The trainer must ride with you with this your 3k. If you want to ride alone then you deposit 15k, cash or card.  The quad bike rides cost 2000 for 15 minutes and you can share your ride with someone i. e you can ride for 10 minutes and someone else can ride another 10 minutes.  You don't need a deposit for this one. I have also attached their price list below.
Sisi: I did not like not like that I could not share my 3k, 15k deposit ride. At least make I ride am 1500, then Bobo ride the remaining 1500 naira abi? LOL. To save us some money. I also did not like the escourt that gummed my body in the name of following me to ride, that was when I really decided to pay the 15k deposit. However, it was a fun day! I totally enjoyed it because of the people I went with. The experience was a first for me.

Bobo: The Leisure Park can be summarized to Jet Ski's and quad bikes, perhaps the thrill in the Jet-Ski comes from dashing across the water at high speed and taking on those bends, makes you look badass! My favourite would be the quad bike. Generally the are the 2 things worth doing in the resort especially if you've never done them before. 

The idea of signing an undertaking at the entrance is not inviting. They are stiff on rules; no transfer of rides, even GLO dey transfer airtime. Not enough time for the buck.

It is located at the second round about at Lekki Phase One. When you get into the street you will find the lake by the left side of the roundabout. See map below.

Ps. Recommend Place For Me To Visit! Thanks!!!


  1. Thanks for this info. Been wondering where to take wifey one of these weekends.. this seems like a lot of fun.

  2. jet ski 3k? for just 15mins? naa wa for them oh!

    1. Considering that my friend and I paid N15k for one hour somewhere else in Lekki... this is cheaper. But then again, we were allowed to share and we rode with each other as well.

    2. Just 15mins? Hian
      Me I want to know, that 15k deposit means you get it back after the ride ba?

    3. anon 4:06 biko my dear where in lagos are you talking about?

  3. Awesome review.This is on my to do list now. Thanks sisi yemmie :-)

  4. Oh wow :) have to put this on my to do list. Barely been around for a year here n it feels like all the fun spots are now old. Nice blog you have here :)
    Mo ~

  5. Hmmm..You sure did have fun..eku no owo..hope I got it right lol. I'm gonna try it out for sure!!

  6. Been there..the quad bike and jet ski!!!!! #badass

  7. Hi Sis Yemmie,

    I must say you have a very nice and well cultured blog. Someone asked me to check your blog out and I am very much impressed. Please keep on shining.

    If you could take time out to visit my blog and also follow me back on twitter @AyodejiOsowobi, that will be very much appreciated. Well done Yemmie! Great blog!

  8. You London people, do I prefer Nigeria or London? hmmmm, I need to do an entire post on that!

  9. Been there 2wice and I enjoyed my visits infact ive become a quadbike pro! Judging from ur pics u took d small ones. Hehe chicken! But u jetskied and I never gather that liver so I chicken pass u.
    That aside, lovely blog. My bobo referred me to your blog to read about LDR when we were struggling on survival. I must say uve helped a whole lot! Thanks for sharing!

  10. The quad bike ride was awesome, but I no get liver for the jet-ski yet. You need to try the chicken N Chips sha, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

  11. U really looked lovely Sisi n happy u had loads of fun.Can't wait to go there too


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