Hollywood Hair Centre the full lace wig specialist is reaching out to all her customers in appreciation for their patronage. They are offering Personalised Privilege Card for thousands of her customers. The card will enable Hollywood Hair centre offer their customers points each time they purchase their service and once accumulated, these points can be used in any of their branches to pay instead of cash. This is a way of saying thank you to all their customers who have been with them since the inception of Hollywood Hair Centre in 2007.

Hollywood Hair Centre value their customers and over the years they have listened and involved  their customers in identifying products that these customers want and they have continued to come back to Hollywood Hair Centre. These innovative ideas helped Hollywood Hair centre to meet customer needs consistently over the past seven years. In appreciation Hollywood Hair Centre wants to recognise each customer each time they visit, so they developed a smartcard that contains unique number and allows each customer to earn points for every purchase they make.  These points will then be used to purchase goods or services in the salon at any time.

In the past 7 years, customer feedback has led Hollywood Hair Centre to maintain high quality product range including; the full lace wigs, untreated Brazilian weft hair, Indian Remi weft hair and a host of other hair attachments. This is fashion and there are room for more innovation and introducing a Privilege card is a way of involving customers more in Hollywood Hair Centre product development opportunities.

Hollywood Hair Centre Privilege card will compliment other successful promotions like the annual Christmas offer and gifts and numerous offers like the one we are doing this christmas - Free wig when you buy a lace wig from 1st of December.  These promotions are very successful and will continue to be our annual business event. The Privilege card will be unique, it offers promotion each time you purchase any item.

The Privilege card will not only be used to pay for products, card holders will also enjoy other benefits like preferential treatment and service, special discounts, previews and speedy service especially during high season.

The Privilege Card is free and available in all their branches, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Uyo, Abuja and Owerri. Owerri opens on the 1st of December. The Privilege card can be used in any of these branches regardless of the branch where you got the card from.

With the Privilege card Hollywood Hair Centre  will have closer relationship with all  their customers on a one on one level and therefore understand their needs and preferences better.

Since Hollywood hair centre pioneered Lace wig in Nigeria in 2007, Lace wig has become big fashion statement including;  the U-Part Lace Wig, the Fringe Lace Wig, the Closure and the Glueless less Wig and there is more to come. Hollywood Hair Centre is leading the way to make Lace wig more personal by getting closer to their customers  to identify what suits them for their Natural Full hair Look and obviously when the occasion calls for show time; Hollywood Hair centre is the number one for that stunning Hollywood Red Carpet look.

 Hollywood Hair Centre Privilege card form is available in all our branches, start earning points before the Christmas Sales and discuss your 2014 looks with one of the trained stylist!


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    This hair is gorgeous! It looks so good on you!

  2. Good to see more salons embrace loyalty and rewards programs. Loystar helps Salons, Spa and Beauty Palours easily design and run these programs at low cost.

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