The best pepper soup you will ever taste is from the Niger Delta because they have all the spices and if you have this recipe, you don't need another. You know I just visited Warri, so expect some Niger Delta recipes from me- I refreshed my taste buds: I had Banga Soup, Banga Rice, Ukodo, Owho much! I also had time to visit the market and I purchased my favourite spices.

The only special ingredient some people use in their pepper soup is nutmeg calabash but there is a whole lot that makes great tasting pepper soup. I have it detailed in my Ukodo post (basically yam cooked in pepper soup). However, you can use already blended ones from Shoprite (I like this brand below). Its the Iwo, Uda, Umilo, Ataiko, Irugeje all blended, you still need to add you crayfish, pepper, salt, maggi, onion etc.
Pepper soup Spice 

Iwo/Ehuru (10) (that's what gives the pepper soup aroma)
Urheri /Uda (2) (you take out the seed and discard)
Umilo/Ulima (2 )
Ataiko/Atariko 1/2 tsb (this looks similar to irugeje)
Irugeje (21/2 tsb)
Lemon grass/scent leave (optional)
Ground crayfish
Seasoning cubes
Ground pepper

  • Wash your catfish with lime, lemon, salt or hot water (I'll expand on this in another post), place in a pot after all the slime is gone!
  • Crack open the Umilo, Gbafilo and Iwo, blend the contents alongside ataiko and irugeje. I also add a bit of ground crayfish so that it blends easily (dry blending).
  • Add your ground spices- pepper, ataiko, irugeje, iwo, umilo, gbafilo, crayfish and de-seeded Urheri into the pot as now the whole house should be "tasonsoning"meaning, the aroma should envelop the house. I love the aroma!
  • I add some chopped fresh pepper, I also and yellow peppe (the ata rodo version), it gives a special flavour to dishes. You can also add some chopped onions.
  • Add seasoning cubes, I use Maggi, and don't forget salt for taste, and the scent leave.
  • Cover the pot and allow to cook-the pepper soup should be ready in 35-50 minutes. 
  • I love my pepper soup to sit for about an hour or two before wacking de tin, because the fish would have taken in all the flavours! So yum!

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  1. sisi yemmie i dont understand those languages oo abi ingredient

    1. Oya go and buy the already blended ingredients oh, they have a good one at shoprite, see the photo up there

  2. Hmm yummy.I will try this.Thanks Yemmie

  3. Niger Delta Peppersoup is truly the best

  4. This pepper soup make sense oo #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  5. Your recipe is very detailed. Even me that's from Bayelsa no sabi do am like this. I bow for your recipe🙌🏾

  6. I'm going to try this and make a blog post on how it turns out! Thank you Sisi!

    Lady G

  7. I've never been a fan of fresh fish even though everyone says it tastes great, but is it same method when using assorted or goat meat for the peppersoup?

  8. I love catfish peppersoup. Would try this recipe

  9. I tried it, and trust sisi' recipe naaa. It was yummy


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