After writing this article on Common Lies Men Tell, I got requests (from men of course!) to spill on common lies women tell, after all, no be only man dey lie. I'm a born Libran and that means I like to balance the scales. No time for ojoro here, let's talk about some common lies women tell too!!!

Women have been know to use this to get out of compromising situations. Hubby wants some action but she's tired,  so she says, "I'm on my period". Hopefully the man will turn away. Does she want just  cuddling and "romancing" but does not want to take it to the next level? "I'm on my period". Guys, even though the chances of this being a lie is true, respect this lie and STOP. Don't make a yamayama statement like "It doesn't matter"...it's disgor!

If you don't know what this means, then you have no business knowing what it is. After giving her action, left right centre, bursting all your Kung-Fu moves then panting and sweating you turn to her and ask, "did you come?" Bros, if you have to ask, then she probably did not come. Na only you waka come. But of course, a lot of women would rather say yes than bruise a man's ego.

I cannot count how many times my husband has asked if I'm ready and I respond with "Just 5 minutes". Guys, don't take it literally. Don't set a timer and start counting down...give an extra 15 minutes. This is a little white lie that is not supposed to hurt a fly.

A lot of women will not even bother telling the truth about this, but it all depends on who is asking. She might throw around "I'm in my early thirties" or "mid twenties"...but never "I'm tatyfife"! LOL. Especially in public!  You will have to hunt down that original birth certificate.

If you know that you have erred yet you ask a woman and she say's she's OK,  "No Problem"...don't believe all is well. Hopefully you have an intuition. That she say's she's Okay does not mean she is. Watch her body language.

These are a few white lies women tell, what other ones do you know?


  1. Lol...the second one, we are trying to keep it PG-13 yeah??

  2. Replies
    1. I have a headache is a way of refusing sex. Its very common. Peter Oluoch, http://vc.uonbi.ac.ke

  3. Wetin person go do na? May God save us from lies but men sha, they don't like hearing the raw truth.

  4. Am here to learn, waiting for ladies in the house *winks*

  5. "Na only you waka come" LOOOOOL!!!! Chei! Sis Yemmie you wicked small sha

  6. hahaha... The "just 5 minutes" lie. I use it so much, my brothers don't believe me any longer. But, I need to be more punctual sha.

  7. Lol this was so funny and true at the same time especially nos. 3 and 5.


  8. check this one out, u went out with some friends n u were supposed to be back home a while before but d fun too sweet, so hubby calls and ask 'whr are you?' and you are like i will soon be leaving wen u hv not even thought of leaving, then he calls back after 20 mins and your are like' i am on my way already' wen u r actually still where u are, this part is rily annoying as both men and women can lie this type of lie, though women are just professionals cos they would sound very real wen dey tell u 'i am coming' *storyfor the gods*

  9. Hahahaha That okay tinz i'm guilty of that may God help us.

  10. lol!sisi all r true o especially the give me 5minutes and hubby will be waiting when highlighting and contouring nefa even start.lol!

  11. Post man arrives with your order and he gets the door: babes, did you order anything(silky question when postman is right in front of you)
    Me? Something I ordered over two weeks ago, it's just arriving?! (This is after there was an agreement on no online shopping for the week)

  12. Loool! Very true


  13. May God deliver me from the spirit of "I'm OK". Lol


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