I was invited to Abuja a few days ago for #StartUpFriday to talk about How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business. That they could sponsor me and my family from Lagos to Abuja for that topic should show you how serious this Social Media Business is-you cannot afford to not represent your brand on social media because the benefits are immense! When I hear about a brand the first thing I do is Google them. It will be difficult to take them seriously or trust their business if they are either not on social media or their social media presence is very poor. So let's talk about ways to use social media to sell ya markaet!

But first of all shall we talk about my makeup game on the day of the event? I shared it on my instagram and snapchat and everyone agreed it was totally on fleek! Oshey! I have been practicing and honing my makeup skills, I've learnt a lot from YouTube Turorials- I spend hours = money watching those "How To Contour", How To Fill In Brows"... these tutorials are paying off. I learnt a lot from Isoken on YouTube and when she came to Nigeria we connected. I had the opportunity of attending her makeup class and bam...makeup game upgraded!

This brings me to the first point on how social media can help you grow your brand: 

Networking:  Most entrepreneurs and businesses are looking for a connection-that one link that would give them what they want. As a business person you cannot underestimate the importance of a good network. There are people you probably may not have access to face-to face but online you can connect and build a relationship (Business or otherwise). I have used my twitter to follow big Madam's and Oga's in my industry, engaged them, and I have reaped the rewards. 

Showcase: A lot of people complain that social media is just for showoff...I agree. It depends on what you are showing off though. Take advantage of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn to show off what you do. Showcase your product/service/ideas/brand! You can showcase by connecting with influencers or advertising or being an influencer. I remember when CocaCola sent me personalised bottles of Coke and I placed it on my instagram-they also sent to a lot of celebrities and this was an awesome strategy for marketing their  products . If you've bought anything because you saw it on social media (Instagram especially) then you understand the power of SM.

Customer Service: Companies like DSTV, SMILE and Co use Social Media to attend to their customers. Whenever I pay for DSTV and I have an issue I tweet at them. Within minutes they respond! I'm always impressed with their customer service. Back in the day I would have to drive to their office but now see how sweet and easy everything is? You can use twitter to give updates about your business, ask your customers for feedback, and generally get to know them and how you can serve better. A business with good customer service will go very far. 

These are 3 ways you can use Social Media to improve your business. If you want to see more articles like this please let me know! Free free to ask questions!


  1. Sisi...thats a good one.i learnt too how to grow my fast growing blog (gloriouscite.blogspot.com)via social media. Though blogging is not an easy stuff but i have passion for blogging. By the grace if God i am putting my best.thanks.see you some day.

  2. Social Media is playing a major part in bringing awareness to business and blogs.
    I've learnt and still learning ways to use it productively

  3. on point sisi.. social media is a booster to every business!


  4. Sisi Yemmie, this is so true. Social media has grown created so many business opportunities and connections. My blog is benefitting from it. winningmomsdiary.com

  5. Yes I agree just few ways of been active on soical media? my hair cloth biz has improved, #more clients #more sales.

  6. Social media is toooooo key! I used it to market my blog planners and I have benefited greatly from it


  7. Thanks for sharing thes.e tips with us, Sisi.
    That makeup is so cute!

    Delicious homemade ice cream

  8. I definitely agree with your points sisi!Although one has to be consistent and very present to reap the rewards.

  9. Good one Sisi,social media has taken over.

  10. Sisi, me I asked you "questions" via email- I never get response o, lol.
    This post was enlightening though. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Make up on fleek! That contouring business needs patience. And yess! We would like to see more of posts like this. As a young entrepreneur this is extremely helpful! Thanks again!

    It's Munastic

  12. Your makeup is really on fleek love it. I'm so shu on makeup. It scares the heck out of me. I've seen some crazy makeup around hen. The fear of looking like a masquerade always attack me whenever i pick up a brush. :) No be small thing. My kids always make fun of me. My 12yr old looked at me one day and said "mom I'm going to learn makeup because of you" lol.
    Nice write up by the way.

  13. nice, it cant be better than this


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  15. Very insightful article,thank you for sharing

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  17. This is very helpful...need to up my game on using social media to market my books so I love this!
    Thanks sisiyemmie!


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