I was doing my weekly shopping at Shoprite so I wandered into the aisle with biscuits, chocolates, drinks and all other ijekuje when I stumbled into this product. I love trying new things because how else would you have a new obsession if you don't try something new?!

I initially picked up one pack of the Chin-Chin and Bobo picked another. When I got to the till I realised they were different did I miss this? I quickly sprinted back to that aisle and picked a third which turned out to be the Coconut flavoured Chin-Chin. Couldn't wait to try them!

Anything coconut flavoured I love so I tried this first. I couldn't really taste the coconut in it. I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to feel a crunch also as I chewed the chin-chin but sorry, no crunch.  So I opened the Peanut flavoured pack.
 The peanut flavoured Chin-Chin was my favourite of the lot. It tasted like groundnut and cabin biscuit. Is that good or bad? Anyway, I loved it! Still no crunch, this was when I accepted that it was soft chin-chin. I prefer my chin-chin hard and 

 The last one I tried was the original flavoured one and it was my second favourite. My brother liked it too. So no complaints. Interestingly the coconut flavoured one was supposed to be my favourite but nah.
They were also reasonably priced-less than N50 per pack so if you ever go to Shoprite look out for this, you may like it especially if you're all about the soft chin-chin kinda life. 


  1. I like a little soft chin chin , not hard. I don't want headache because I am chewing chin chin

  2. i love soft chin chin. well a little crunchy is fyn too

  3. Not a fan of chin chin oo but this looks good #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  4. Groundnut and Cabin biscuit is bae hahaha. Been a while I had it but in secondary school,I could snack on it all day,

  5. I suggest you buy another set. You can never tell, the softness May just be from faulty packaging in the batch. Please try another set, it may just be as crunchy as you prefer.

  6. Just read this article for the first time Lol...Sisi Yemmie, if you love crunch then you will love ours! we are on instagram too...@grazelledelights. I should find a way to send some to you in Lagos.


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