A lot of us saw Tiwa Savage's interview where she aired (more like pata-hanging outside) the details of her marriage to TeeBillz. A few days ago most people were siding with TeeBillz because they thought "Oh what a terrible woman you must have been married to for you to want to jump off a bridge", but now that Tiwa has spoken...it clearly seems the problems were much bigger than Tiwa. This is not about Tiwa Savage. 

Here are the lessons I picked from the whole brouhaha :

1. Brow game better be tight anywhere, anytime...you might have no other makeup on but brows gats be on fleek!
2. Don't tap into blessings you don't know the source. Not every time #RelationshipGoals
3. Marriage is hard work and even harder for celebrities.
4. Mental health is not something we should play about. We play too much in Nigeria.
5. Some people live for the 'gram. The grass isn't aways greener.
6. Tell your truth, it will set you free!
7. Finances can easily destroy a marriage.
8. People always show you who they really are... shine your eye.
9. Never ever store your side chicks name as Edible Catering, or Kunle Mechanic, or Pastor Jubril.
10. Love is not enough when it comes to marriage.
11. Discuss expectations before you get married, don't marry then try to change a person.
12. The marriage is different from the wedding.
13. Live WITHIN your means. Forget the Joneses.
14. Take responsibility for YOUR life.
15. Some men cut their hair twice a week!
16. "What will people say" will put you in trouble.
17. Yoruba movies don't lie - It is possible to use another person's star to shine.

I hope both parties find peace.


  1. But why??? Sisi yemmie,amidst all her tears, u could notice the eyebrows. Well thar makes two.
    And yes those yoruba movies are quite real.#ediblecatering

  2. Haha I noticed the brows too! And edible catering needs to show herself, mbok we want to know who she is.
    Speaking of brows, I have an easy brow tutorial post on my blog
    It's Munastic

  3. Sisi Yemmie you're wrong for this!! Chai! You wan take laff finish pessin

  4. I thought I was the only one that noticed her eyebrows. I almost put up a post about this drama, and would definitely have noted them. And definitely Edible Catering!

    Jokes aside though, this is a very sad situation. I think there are truths and lies to what both of them are saying. We can't be judge or jury because we will never know the complete truth.

    Like you said, I hope they move on and find peace somehow.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. At Berry Dakara i also wish them peace. @sisiyemi you have said it all Nigerians play too much just as you did with your post. Lol some vital lessons though.


  5. But really what's wrong with her brow? I don't see anything wrong and even if Una see person tie scarf, d last thing on her mind should be brow or her looks. What's on ground is crucial...

    1. I totally agree. How would all these people watch such a heart breaking video and decide to skip all the pressing details and go straight to her brows? Like WTH. I feel so sorry for this young lady and her husband. But more for her, because she didn't exactly choose to blast her business out for the world to judge. She had been fighting so hard for the press not to get hold of what's been going on, but T decided to go on a rampage and disgrace his own wife. So she had to do what she had to do and tell her story. I'm glad she did and I have faith that it will help one girl somewhere who is going through the same thing. Hope the both of them find peace in themselves.

      Lady G

    2. I think that is the point. The eyebrow is on fleek despite the fact that she is wearing head scarf and house clothes

    3. Or am I wrong. Looks fine to me...

    4. yes that's the point :-).The brows are on fleek through it all.Let's pray they work it out.

  6. That Edible Catering name is so funny. The things cheats do to cover up... I pray Tiwa heals from this. Such a tough situation to be in.

    Precious Core Blog

  7. chei sisi lol @brow game.rushing off to go and call all the *pastors* in my hubby phone. men ain't loyal at all!

    Why are my inner thighs dark?causes and remedy

    1. Lol, don't call o, hahaha. Not every man cheats

  8. Disagree with the part about star and Tiwa.
    Tbillz mentioned he has had problems making it for a long time even before he met her.
    He stated that his family know of his struggles from early days.
    His former wife is laughing and has posted some snide comments.

  9. Hmmmm Sisi! People be tapping blessings anyhow. My dear I have come to realise that living one's TRUTH is OK. very much ok that way you don't have to answer to anyone and your business remains YOURS.

    Please do me a brow tutorial video I NEED it mbok.

    Meanwhile, have you seen this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQue1Ixr9o8 and this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6TgxoU57qo
    I am talking about things the society ignore and will soon get to mental health issues. cheers

  10. The Bible educates women to be obedient to their husbands, unfortunate this has been abused by men, thinking a woman is a property to be driven around like a car. Let this article inspire women facing the same difficulties. "Shake The Dust Off Your Feet And Leave" https://goo.gl/sG3L1G

  11. I Really Agree With Mr Joel Savage!
    I'm Not Happy With The Situation concerning their marriage, but i believe they are adults and they have made up their mind.

    All i believed she did was to come out in public to tell us why shes seekin a divorce! PERIOD...

  12. Amidst d seriousness of d matter,NO 1 and 17 cracked me up. I noticed d brows too.Jehovah Rapha pls heal them.

  13. I agree with some of these. You don't go into marriage expecting your partner to change. If he/she decides to change, great. If he/she doesn't, you can't cry foul. Almost everyone faces one marital issue or the other, the ability to sort it our privately without letting the public know, shows maturity. But in their case, TJ blew the lid and the can of worms is now open. I hope they sort this out, just because of Jamil

  14. You are quite right about the tips. We should look well before leaping.

  15. I noticed the brows too!
    It was necessary for her to tell her story after TeeBillz's social media brouhaha. Think of this, if he had succeeded in his suicude attempt, people will say Tiwa killed him, based on his allegations. She had to quickly clear herself right away and tell her own truth. She had to play smart and not just sit down and let people assume.

    I hope they both heal.

  16. Lool at No 1, but I think her brows are actually Tatted on. Look at it closely

  17. I completely agree. The #relationshipgoals thing especially, because you don't know what people are really going through,l and you are trying to tap into their supposed blessings.


  19. Hahaha...you are just hilarious..

  20. Hahaha...you are just hilarious..

  21. Lol that Yoruba movies don't lie and some men cut their hair two times in a week makes me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lol ....Taggednaija

  22. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! This was supposed to be a serious sontin but I laughed through it all. Come to think of it, I put up a post about this on my blog and I headed here today to see this. Chei. I pray they heal. I love Tiwa Savage Sha. Through all this may Jamil be safe. Thats just my prayer.


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