On my last trip to Abuja, I stayed at 1st Oak Place Hotel in Maitama - when I was told by the #StartUpFriday team that we would be lodging here, I googled the hotel and found almost nothing about it so I decided that a review was in place. Yes? Hopefully I get to go on more trips around the WORLD (speaking it into existence) and you'll see more reviews.

The first thing I liked a lot about the room we stayed in was the window-the lighting was on point and for bloggers you know how important that is for photos! I filmed my Ankara Head Wrap Tutorial there and you can see how lit it was!  To see the video of our trip to Abuja CLICK HERE

We were given a room to stay at that was decent sized but for a family was small...after a while we were called and transferred to a much bigger room- an executive room, it was called "Nigeria". One interesting bit, all their rooms are named after after African countries. The smaller room was called "Senegal". The bed was so soft and Tito was very happy-he bounced on it then started running around the room. 

1st Oak Place had 24 hour electricity supply and security. There was a gym, meeting room, restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Laundry and Wi-Fi internet access...very important!

I enjoy visiting hotels but I notice a lot of them don't have proper finishing. Not just hotels in Nigeria, even houses. I was not particularly impressed with the bathroom. The bathtub area had no shower curtains so we had spills everyday. There was no toilet brush. The shower was so tiny that I couldn't even turn around while taking a bath plus it leaked. This was my least pleasing experience at 1st Oak Hotel. 

little attention to detail...
It was so tiny.

We had a few of their delicacies and I was very impressed with the menu. You know my love for Chapman-theirs was so good I ordered it in every day we were there...sometimes twice a day! I especially loved their version of Chinese fried rice. Room service was good. 

1st Oak Place Hotel is at No 38 Euphrates Street Maitama, Abuja. The room we stayed at was the Executive room and the rates go for approximately N34, 000 per night.

Overall, I loved the experience and I would not mind going there again especially if they make changes to the bathroom. Have you been to 1st Oak Hotel Place Abuja? What was your experience like?


  1. Oh my that toilet area was so disgusting, 1st Oak please try and fix that. The sunlight in the room was heavenly! I would have filmed 10 videos to put in my archives while I was there lol. Review posts are always fun to do, and even more fun to read. Thanks for looking out Sisi!

    Lady G

  2. Sisi, please teach me how to take clean pictures like these. My photography game needs to step up. I looove the food. The rooms look quite decent too. That shower eh... did they have human beings in mind while installing it? You are one very smart blogger, Sisi. You take a trip, document it and blog. Blog as you go lol

    Happy new month! Wishing you all the dividends blogging has to offer. And yes, you will soon start making those international trips!

    Precious Core Blog

  3. The first thing i look out for in hotels, is their bathroom. If its as bad as this, i don't bother staying because i can't stand it. I remember my visit to Uyo where i had to change hotel thrice all because their bathroom was trash, till i finally found a neat and well-maintained one. White Oak seems great. Love the finishing in the room. But if their bathroom remains this way, then i can never ever stay there o. Lai lai

  4. Currently pretending that I am enjoying with you guys. The food looks yum and I can tell you guys enjoyed ABJ!

  5. mehn!those brown corners in the bathroom.They should do something asap

  6. The food looks good. I love Abuja. i think I know where that is. I'll check it out when I can.


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