If there is one question I get asked a lot, it's this : "how are you always so happy"? I got another email last week again and I decided I would do a video on how I maintain a positive outlook. I'm not saying I don't have skoin-skoin or days when I feel down oh, it's just that most of the time I dey happy - I get my own for body just as your own dey your body too. However, to reduce my down days I have a few habits and things I do...
First of all you need to remember that happiness is a choice, you wake up daily and make that choice. Your happiness is not dependent on anyone, create your own. Nobody has a perfect life so it is important you go through your own life at least happy! In this video I share at least 6 things I do, please watch and I hope you take thing or two from it. If you have any video request, let me know and I'll find time to do it. Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so you are the first to know when I upload anything.


  1. Beautiful looking, I was inspired.

  2. Everything you said is spot on! Life will not always happen the way we want and we should be able to appreciate the now and always have faith. Also letting go of negative energy. Great video, I have a similar blog post on how to be happy/beautiful on my blog. Do check it out.

    It's Munastic

  3. That was such a great message, Yemisi—thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Happiness is a choice you make. It is a skill you learn. People are just not automatically happy; they choose to be happy. Thanks for the beautiful message, Sisi.

    Precious Blog

  5. Indeed, happiness is infectious. one of the things that make me happy these days is sisi yemmies. I used to vex that the vlog dey chop data buh now I don't even bother...I was sad before I watched this buh now I feel better. u infected n injected me with ur happiness. thank God u admitted u dont respond to coments na d tin wey dey vex me pass about u. weldone sisi

  6. Happines breeds love, peace, good health and can either. Thanks yemmie for this.

    How to turn heads and get people to notice you!

  7. Happiness is definitely a choice, I agree. Two people can be faced with the same circumstance and react differently to it. I also loved it when you said, "if you're not good at what you're doing, it would have an effect on you. Find something your hands can do and do well." And of course...God is the ultimate source of joy, my ultimate source of joy.

    Loved your Vlog, SisiYemmie.

    Whenever you get a chance, Video Request: What does Proverbs 31 mean to you? I'd love to feature that on the LBMF Blog sometime.


  8. And I am all smiles looking at you convey your message gracefully! I will go by simplicity any day, any time! We can't avoid the sad moments but we can go through them with some of these tips. Thanks so much for sharing!


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