On my last trip to Abuja I had a few minutes to kill so I took off to the Arts and Crafts Village, it was just a few minutes drive from the hotel we were staying. I like to support Nigerian/African art whenever I can afford to (you know these things are not cheap sometimes lol). So I bought a few things, burnt some calories under the sun and took some photos! To see the video of our trip to Abuja CLICK HERE

The Arts and Crafts Village is behind the Musa Yar'adua Centre, Central Business District, Silverbird Galleria and it is open 8am till evening. You don't need to pay to enter. It is a really small village and you can buy pieces as a souvenir or for decoration, they even have clothing, jewellery and luggages. 


Ever played this?

Precious stones
Bobo was obsessed with swords...why???

There were a lot of carved interesting figures and masks, I quickly waka pass. I don't want to buy strange things and carry to my house, I still appreciate the art though. Do you remember Kunle Afolayan's movie "Figurine"? LOL

We spent about an hour at the arts and crafts village because we had a flight to catch, but I'm glad I finally satisfied my curiosity! 


  1. Ooooh, this reminds me of the Lekki/Jakande Market

    I just love indigenous art pieces and how colorful they are.

  2. I love this place!

    Sisi hope you priced down whatever you purchased cos these people are well known extortionists! Thanks to expats and tourists.

  3. Yay! I finally have a new place to visit when I go back to Abuja. <3

  4. Lmao, lemme tell you a story! Sooooo, after watching that vblog of the abuja artsy place, i fell in love with that red bag! I went there, found it, priced it (from 35k to 25k) and then took to my heels! Just thought to myself, "if i buy this bag, i no go chop for the next two weeks be that o".

  5. Yes ooo. They extort a lot from people. Always taking their prices to the sky especially if they think you are a jjc...http//

  6. Lovely place. Me sef will jump and pass the masks and figurines oh, I can never forget the movie chucky, gives me the creeps all the time. Would definitely buy the decor pieces and dresses.

  7. my favourite items are the hats and the beads so cute.

  8. we are rocking that place this month, after our abuja city tour.
    so if you are interested. whatsapp me on 08037528814.
    a lot to enjoy trust me.


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