Once again the vlog is late and I apologise, nor vex. My internet has gone craaaazy! First of thank you for all the love you showed in the last vlog-we appreciate it and God bless you! In this week's vlog we were a bit laid back, the grandparents returned to Warri and PH respectively, my sister and her kids too, plus we are still sharing birthday cake.

The highlight of my week was discovering gold know tomatoes is the new Gold in Nigeria. Last week fear did not let me buy 3 pieces of tomatoes for 500 naira. I have told hubby, stew is on strike BUT! I found this online food store and their tomato price still has the fear of God lol. So I got some and we finally had stew! Whew! The website is  MADAM SABI  .So happy about the tomatoes I had to share with you.

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  1. Thank God it here,about to watch .......

  2. This tomato issue is really turning to something else,I pray God help us

  3. Nice one sisiyemmie really love watching ur vlogs been here since Monday chit chat which I loved reading though I rarely comment and wasn't invited to Titos birthday...*crying* good job sisi and may God continue to bless ur family.

  4. their tomoato seems to be cheaper, It is really gold. What makes this matter worse is the fact that stew is a staple in most Nigerian homes.
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  5. Your mom looks so gentle and supportive. To anyone reading this, if your mom loves and supports you, always appreciate her and never take her for granted. I have a toxic mom that has made my life a living hell from when I was a kid. Sent me to live with relatives where I was abused and molested. I was 5. I am a married woman and a mother and she still manages to make me miserable . . .


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