FunkeSays nation! Funke Bucknor, founder of ace events company, Zapphaire Events, continues this week on 'Funke Says' by focusing on "Choosing Service Providers; Food Vendors".

Choosing your service providers can be a bit of a nightmare when you consider options (or lack of them), budget, specific needs and more. For this big task, Funke simplifies the rules of engagement for each vendor you need to deal with and today is all about food!

Imagine a wedding without food or where food isn't served on time or finishes before the couple even arrives! And even where the food does not run out, what if the food is bad, the service is slow or there's just no variety?

On this week's episode, Funke points out how to avoid common mistakes when it comes to food at weddings, communicating with the food vendors, plus tips on how to choose, how to delegate what, and more!
As usual, Funke's easy breezy but expert advice simplifies and educates while bringing some cheer your way!

Watch to learn more by clicking on the link. 

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