Let me tell you an interesting story of how Bobo, my husband fell hopelessly in love with this soup. On my trip to Warri I bought a lot of my Niger Delta Spices and I had to time to visit a restaurant or two to have my favourite soups, I had Gbagbafofo and promised to make it for my family. Oya oh, we reached lagos and Bobo asks what's for dinner, I say Gbagbafofo, he's like "abeg give me Egusi", I tried to encourage him  to go for the Okra but he no gree, so I made two soups, Okra and Egusi

I noticed as Tito and I were eating our Okra Bobo's eyes was just entering the plate, after trying to resist he told me he wanted to taste...he was a "goner" after the first swallow of Eba. He said "Whaaaaaat??? and you made me eat Egusi???" Una see me see wahala? Is this not the same guy I begged to eat Okra? Since then this Gbagbafofo has become a weekly soup in my house

Gbagbafofo is a marriage of pepper soup and okra-It's delicious when it's cooked fresh and perfect for rainy days like my day today. If you are team fitfam then this soup is for you #oilless ! Get in here! You can check out this Catfish Peppersoup post for a detailed pepper soup recipe. 

Iwo/Ehuru (10) (that's what gives the pepper soup aroma)
Urheri /Uda (2) (you take out the seed and discard)
Umilo/Ulima (2 )
1 Tbs Beletete
Ataiko/Atariko 1/2 tsb (this looks similar to irugeje)
Irugeje (21/2 tsb)
Ground crayfish
Seasoning cubes
Native Salt/ Regular Salt 
Cameroon Pepper
Ata Rodo
Okra Chopped
King Prawns (Optional)
  • In a pot I pour in my chicken broth + chicken and add water enough to cook the soup. 
  • Add your ground spices- pepper, ataiko, irugeje, iwo, umilo, gbafilo, crayfish and de-seeded Urheri into the pot as well or the pre-made pepper soup spice...I love this brand and that's what I use on days I don't have energy to grind the spices myself. 
  • I add some chopped fresh pepper, I also add some cameroon pepper and crayfish
  • I may use Maggi (depending on how much I used in the chicken broth). Don't forget salt for taste (I love using native salt for traditional soups like this but if you have normal salt, use it. Nothing spoil. 
  • Cover the pot and allow to cook for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Now add your prawns, allow cook for 3 minutes.
  • Add your chopped okra and beletete. Beletete is optional 
  • Within 7 minutes your soup should be ready!
  • Serve with Eba or Wheat or Starch or any swallow of your choice. 
Check out the video and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my Channel for more recipes!


  1. Wow this is making me hungry ... So going to make an attempt to make this ... Thanks for sharing

  2. Lovely Food by a Lovely Cook for a Lovely Hubby! #sisiyemmieaddict


  3. Can the native plate be gotten in Lagos.

  4. It looks so good!!!! I've never heard about it before.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. Sisi Yemmie of life.This ya food kai!You wan spoil fasting for me so?lol.You better start to think of opening a restaurant that specializes in local food.I mean this o!Think seriously about this.Mouth watery dish you have here.Kudos

  6. Going to save this recipe now!

  7. I think its high time i get this native pot 'Ewere', as its called in warri. The aroma it gives to soup its on another level. My hubby doesn't eat okro soup, peppersoup and ogbono. But i must cook this soup, make e throat enter

  8. If you get food for house, I beg, carry am near body before you open this blog, chai

  9. Who would have thought 'oilless' would work? And this is a yes to some lesser calories. Yaaaaaaaaay. I should try this.

  10. Sisiyemmie, non nigerian africans visit you blog as well. Is it possible to give english names for some ingredients so we are able to try out your recipes also becausee your food always looks so yummy.

    1. If you're in Europe or America, I think it's easiest to locate an African store and ask for peppersoup spice. Or show a staff in shop the names as listed. Only few have recognizable English names. E.g Ehuru is Calabash nutmeg. I hope this helps a little

  11. What is the alternative name or English name for "beletete" leaves?

  12. This looks delicious, can't wait to try it out.

    Must the okro be chopped or can it also be grated and please what an English name for beletete leaves or any alternative name?

    1. You can make beletete leaves yourself if you can't find it. Buy washed bitterleaf. Wash it thoroughly to remove the bitter taste as much as possible. Spread it and Put it in a tray under the sun to dry thoroughly. Your beletete leaves is ready

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  14. Awesome is less than the word���� to think I forgot my beletete...This is it✌

  15. Awesome is less than the word���� to think I forgot my beletete...This is it✌

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