Vlogging is next best thing in the world of blogging : it is one way to take your brand to another level and connect with the World in the most deep way! From London to Germany to Australia to Canada to India! I love it and can show you how to vlog like a natural! On Youtube I have about 20,000 SUBSCRIBERS and I always find a way to redirect traffic from my videos to my blog-it's awesome! Since I have been consistent vlogging I get an average of 10,000 views on my blog daily! Don't sleep on Okada...Vlogging na the way forward. 

Vlogging is basically a video blog-it goes beyond writing a post and uploading photos. Vlogging is intense, it is not for the faint-hearted. If you are lazy-e go hard for you. If you're shy like me, (yes I'm shy) then you can work on it, after a while you get used to filming. I always film like I'm talking to my friends.

I started vlogging shortly after I started blogging. However I was not consistent and was filming random things-no direction. If you've been following me since, you would know that after I had my baby I started Vlogging like crazy because it was as if pregnancy cleared my head. There are two types of vlogs: Pre-planned Videos like THIS where I have a topic, get dressed and use my ghen ghen camera. There are Vloggy Videos like THIS (SisiWeekly) that just shows how I live my life. Freestyle tinz. Now my Youtube Channel is an extension of my Blog-similar content Food, Motherhood, Family Vlogs, Hair, Beauty, Style

 I'll share some of my best tips with you + what I use:


  • Vlogging is all about your personality and how your viewers can connect to you. You have to be a natural at it. When vlogging let your real personality show, laugh like normal, fall over your words like you do, keep your mannerisms the same, be yourself. This is not the time to borrow british accent when you live in Nigeria-you will come across as fake. Be authentic.
  • You need to grow thick skin to Vlog-if you think you get bad comments on your blog, wait till you start vlogging. You will learn to ignore "haters" and focus on what you are bringing to the table. 
  • Get your content right! Someone once told me she wanted to start vlogging, that she's so passionate about it but that I should give her topics to vlog about...LOL. She never ready. If it's not in you, it will be hard. Come up with your own content and try to avoid being a copycat. One way to get a lot of viewership is by producing original content. 
  • Do you research before you come on camera on whatever topic you are speaking on! You cannot afford to put a face to stupidity on the internet. You will need to gather your thoughts before you open your mouth. LOL. 
  • Get ready for internet stardom and fame! Vlogging brought me more popularity than blogging because now you know how my voice sounds, sweet like oyoyo, you see how I look without makeup, you've perhaps seen me cry, seen me laugh, seen me eat! You know me, we are family!

  • When it comes to vlogging you may need to invest a little but you do not need the most expensive camera to start vlogging. I film a lot of my videos with my phone. It's the Samsung S6 and it's been doing a good job so far. If you watch my SisiWeekly vlogs you will realise that's what I use most of the time. I also have a Canon 70D which is my baby right now :D.... it's awesome because it has a swivel screen and autofocus! Google it!
  • Having beautiful looking videos is not just about the Camera you use but THE LENS - that's the Koko! Some lens are more expensive that the cameras. If you have a Canon camera it is best to get at least the Canon 50mm f 1.8 lens. I have that one and a Canon STM 18-135 mm lens that I love. I'm looking to upgrade soon. The day my STM lens fell and cracked, I wan faint!
  • Editing you have to learn and will be best if you do it yourself. Nobody personally taught me, I invested my time learning basic editing skills. I use a MACBOOK PRO and on it I purchased Final Cut Pro which is what I use for editing videos. However if you have a MACBOOK it already comes with iMovie, use it. Other laptops come with basic editing software too. 
  • Editing is easier if you plan what you want your video to look like before filming-make sure powder on point, brows on fleek, background is neat, no lipstick stain on your teeth (these are the things that will be difficult to edit). I write out my points and freestyle in the videos. 
  • To make your videos look good and sound clear, try to film in front of your window-this is what I do for good lighting. I've been thinking of moving house because only one window in my house makes sense LOL. You can but extra lighting but it can be quite expensive to buy them.  For sound, una know say na Naija we dey and noise everywhere, my sound has never been on point, generator noise, church noise, neighbours, vulcaniser...I never realised how noisy this Nigeria is. I bought a RODE MIC that is suppose to block external noise however I've not been able to use it to my best advantage, yet!
  • My basic gear - Phone (Samsung S6), Tripod, Selfie Stick, Camera, Lens, Mic.

On the topic of Vlogging I have so much I can teach, so if you have questions please leave it in the comment section and I'll address it in another post! Do you vlog? Please I want to know your blog/channel ! Are you thinking of starting a vlog? Let's talk! Ehen, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel so that express will not pass you by! If you want me to give your private tips + help you improve your blog click HERE for a consultation (I have openings in May)

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  1. I should so think of using my phone to vlog. . Because setting up my camera ..tripod etc is hectic .. especially when there's no one around ..
    Thank you !.. so good lightin. .phone and selfie stick ..

  2. Yaay! D tips are really helpful.recently started making videos on YouTube. My channel name is adedoyin adewale

  3. You're just so generous with the tips Sisi! I love how you want all of us to shine together. I've been blogging for years and recently just started my YouTube channel, and I have to say that I am having so much fun with it! I wonder why I didn't start this before. I recently invested a lot of money into my channel by buying 2 new cameras, studio lights and other equipment to be able to put out sound videos( I pity my travel luggage when I travel back to Nigeria next month mehhn) and your tips are just too helpful. My YouTube channel is Gaby Chronicles. Everyone please do check it out!!

    Lady G

  4. Thanks so much for the tips. Questions answered and more ideas were birth. Answer to your question: yes, I want to start a vlog. Biko, oya, let's talk. Thanks much!

  5. Thanks for sharing you encouraged me to start vlogging thanks my channel name is queen douglas support me friends.

  6. Thanks a lot Sisi, I always look forward to reading educating tips on blogging and clogging. Am a beginner, so am still learning the art of clogging.

    Youtube :Silvertoju's World

  7. Really helpful tips! I'm a blogger and I recently started a youtube channel after months/years of contemplating and postponing!
    My blog: www.munamuoneke.com
    Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/munamuoneke

    Do check it out and subscribe too! Thank you!

  8. Helpful tips I must say. I just started vlogging myself and at the moment, I am 'confused .com' I have invested in a few equipments, still learning how to work them tho. I will work with the tips provided and see how it goes. thank you Sisi.

    Blog: www.sharonifeoma.blogspot.com

  9. Hi Sisi, i will send u a mail soon, please respond to my mail ooo.

  10. Thanks so much, for the tips sisi,it was really interesting. Please help a sister out ooh!i I also want to start blogging.

  11. Nice one Sisi. It's been a minute. If I may ask, what lens do you plan on upgrading to? I use the Canon 70D as well and I have Canon STM 18-135 mm and Canon 50mm f 1.4 lenses. Also, how about lighting? That's one thing I can't seem to get right yet.
    For your sound, do you use a windburster with your rode mic? It helps with the noise too. Btw, I love this new look and feel of your blog. Ooooshey!

  12. Sisi Yemmie is shy??! 😳😳
    Thank you for the tips! Thinking about doing more vlogs when I get my camer gear? I've recorded a few in the past & they weren't good quality but we're also not easy to do!

    I'd like to know what the recording sound quality on a Canon is like. Can one still record well without a Rode mic?

  13. I love watching sisi yemmie. I live abroad and this makes me relieve home. She is real, honest and interesting to watch. God bless you and your family. Cheers from a fan

  14. Thanks for the tips.
    Please can u share what video editing tools or apps I can use with a Dell laptop? Or an applicatiication I can download on BlackBerry 10? Pls any reader can respond, as I notice Sisiyemmie hardly ever responds in the comment section (I get it ur very busy)


  15. Thank you for the tips. It came at the right time. I planned on starting a vlog at the beginning of this year but I don't have all the equipments i need yet. Definitely would start before August this year.

  16. So grateful for all the tips you have shared. I have been contemplating for awhile but now with this post I'm gonna be full storm ahead.

  17. Not everyone can do what you just did sisi, God bless your hustle #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  18. Vlogging is one thing i've never gathered the courage to attempt. I just feel i'll goof or run out of what to say or not communicate the message properly. You do it effortlessly and honestly, i give you thumbs up.

    *Chai. Another sleepless night due to terrible heat. I pray to win the weekend stay*

  19. Chloe Sojung ParkApril 18, 2016 at 1:44 AM

    So much helpful tips, Sisi!
    Btw, I sent you email last time and hope you will check it.
    Thanks always!

  20. I watch your vlogs religiously and boy do you kill me with so much delicious food! I was watching Jenifa's diary the other day and they went to sweet kiwi for icecream..i told everyone i was with that SisiYemmie was there and bought zobo flavored ice cream. You should have seen their faces!

  21. Well that is quite nice. I use Tecno Camon C8 for making videos and Windows movie maker for editing. Its so wonderful i mean the camera pixel and also the video editing software if you know how to use it.

  22. Thanks for sharing ma'am. I need tips o! I started recently and I'm glad you came up with this. I vlog the life of a Nigerian makeup artist. I don subscribe to your vlog since forever.

  23. Thanks for this Sisiyemmie. I have a blog and started vlogging last year when I released my book. Still getting the hang of things and one issue is slow network when I want to upload videos. Is there any faster way to upload videos on youtube? My youtube channel name is Frances Okoro and my blog is www.imperfectlyperfectlives.com

  24. Currently investing in a camera. Thank you for the tips!=D

  25. This was so nice of you to share some of your vlogging secrets.
    To get tips like this you really have to dig deep with your research on google.

    I know because I started vlogging months ago. And I love it.
    I have learnt a lot from this post. Thank you.

    My channel is FunmiWrites.


  26. Very Helpful tips, thanks alot sisi! Lady Ariyike once told me I can use a phone to start vlogging, but Sisi my Vlog is a business vlog and I cant enter or schedule apointment to interview people with a phone, truth is getting a lense and a camera ehn! I have to go on hunger strike, not buy asoebi and even sell all the asoebi this wedding people have sold to me. You should do a post on how to say no to family or friends asoebi oo.

  27. Very helpful sisi, Started a Vlog early very big renting a camera,light and all but then editing delayed, Plan on buying a camera and tripod though I recorded again this year but the hassles of paying editors consistently is not easy oh. I use a Samsung duos and might just start using it record since you mentioned you use your Samsung to record and I might need to ginger myself to learn editing and perfect my make up skills to avoid the cost of getting a makeup artiste. sighs
    check out my Chanel sasilulu and blog sasilulu.com

  28. Thanks for the tips, I have a blog www.awesomeplacesandevents.com and yes I'am thinking about vlogging about my travels and tourism stuff

  29. Thanks for sharing this article over blogging tips. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog.

  30. Well done Sisi. Thank you for the tips!

  31. And vlogging needs publicty too, bloggers need to share others content and leave a comment to encourage them .

  32. Dear Mummy Tito, your one of the Vloggers that even gave me that ginger to start vlogging. The first I watched one of you Vlogs was that collab vid U did with isoken! I've always had my YouTube channel but I kept Saying, I wee buy big big bread camera,hmmm arrange better light Abeg, before I post one video but as per a turn of recent events I just had to start using my GSM! The whole idea for me is to show people how living a simple life can be fun. My YouTube channel name is: Maryann Tochi Vlogs.

  33. Loved your write up on vloging,your ideas are quite helpful

  34. Hello sisiyemmie. this post was helpful. I follow you on your youtube and instagaram, you inpsired me to start my youtube channel- and i finally have. It is called EMERALD-NINEE. I would love for you to check it out and maybe DM me some improvement i might need. I am also shy but i am working on m confidence in-front of the camera because this is my passion. I vlog with my samsung phone and canon 700D Camera. i really pray you see this comment sis LOL. Have a blessed day

  35. Very nice idea and write up. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Good day ma. My name is Chinaza and I love hat you do. I'm shy but hardworking and believe that Nigeria is full of beauty. I want to start a vlog on African books and share content about how great African authors are. Would love it if I could get tips on how best to start and make this work. Thank you ma

  37. The only problem is that there are thousands of different cameras to choose from, and without the right knowledge, you’ll find that it’s nearly impossible to know what cameras are best for vlogging https://bestcameraworld.com help You to Chose right Vlogging camera.

  38. I found this tips very useful, I agree totally Nigeria has never been quiet,cause I have witnessed it severally when filming my videos. ..my you tube channel is called...ogala essie.....more grace sisi yemmie


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