Small small I am beginning to unleash my Niger-Delta Recipes...I don't know why it took this long. Today's recipe is called Ukodo in Delta : simply yam and unripe plantain pepper soup porridge. Sometimes I add the unripe plantain, other times I don't. It's delicious either way! I 100% percent believe that the most original pepper soup recipe and ingredients come from Delta, if you've not tasted any from that area then  you should. Authentic 100% ! Una know say I be areaaaaaaaaa!

I went to the market a few weeks ago to buy "pepersoup" was mostly mallams selling them, the taste was not it at all...I bought from other stalls in the market (Balogun market,) still not authentic so I begged my mommy to send me the original spices from Warri which is what I used to make this...I can't have it any other way. Ukodo is the best companion in cold seasons.

Ukodo is my top 10 simple recipe, boiling egg is on that list too (see how simple it is?) All you need is :
Iwo/Ehuru (10) (that's what gives the pepper soup aroma)
Urheri /Uda (2) (you take out the seed and discard)
Umilo/Ulima (2 )
Ataiko/Atariko 1/2 tsb (this looks similar to irugeje that's why I had to give you this close up view)
Irugeje (21/2 tsb)
Lemon grass/scent leave (optional)
Ground crayfish
Seasoning cubes
Ground pepper
Goat/ram meat (I prefer ram but goat is easily accessible than ram. I got a lot of ram meat from my grandma this Sallah so I made good use of it. You can add bits of ponmo/chicken/dry fish if you have)

Ground pepper, maggi seasoning, ground crayfish, cut yam
  • Cut goat/ram meat in small pieces and place in a pot to boil, season as usual. By the way, what's your "usual" for seasoning beef/meat/chicken? Comment below. 
  • Crack open the Umilo, Gbafilo and Iwo, blend the contents alongside ataiko and irugeje. I also add a bit of ground crayfish so that it blends easily (dry blending).
  • When meat is half way done, cut up chunks of yam and plantain, add to the pot with the meat inside so it cooks together...
  • Add your ground spices- pepper, ataiko, irugeje, iwo, umilo, gbafilo, crayfish  and de-seeded Urheri into the pot as now the whole house should be "tasonsoning" meaning, the aroma should envelop the house. I love the aroma!
  • Add seasoning cubes! Add salt to taste but be mindful that there's already salt when you seasoned the meat. 
  • Cover and allow to cook. In 20-30 minutes it should be ready! It's that simple
  • Mix the contents together lightly, you'd discover that it thickens the "soup"...
Please serve immediately because the best time to eat Ukodo na as e dey hot! 

Enjoy the video below, really short! Have you SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel? Click HERE 


  1. Haaaaa Sisi Yemmie, that scent leaf/Lemon Grass shouldn't be optional(for me,it is the best part of the meal)I love the scent of "scent leaves".....#ProudDeltan#

  2. That looks really yummy!

  3. I love ukodo with goat meat lol

  4. Sisi you sabi am well. Attimes i like mine with dried fish.

  5. I call this Ekpuru (spelling?)

    See i have itsekiri cousins that live in Benin.... so I've got exposure to that side of Naija.

    That Pepper soup talk is the TRUTH.

    My aunt was gracious enough to send us peppersoup spice .... we savor the thing like its gold. .. it could be gold tho, i tell you.

    My meat is usually... salt, curry, thyme, chopped onions and knorr (pls all these new maggi-ies out here na wash, None like Knor Cubes )

  6. Looks too good. I love pottage. I just have to try it

  7. I am a witness that Ukodo is a terrific meal with catfish
    On a good day I don't like catfish
    Great great great

    My site:

  8. Chai! Sisi Yemmie, you haff kill me finish. Hunger!!!

  9. I might just make this today but with catfish and I favour plantain that's just starting to ripen to get a mix of that slight tart sweetness from the plantain and the fiery hotness from the spices. *swallowing, just thinking about it* My usual for boiling meat, which is usually goatmeat is salt, seasoning cubes, chopped onions, pepper- dried ground pepper or finely chopped scotch bonnet pepper - ata rodo. If I'm feeling fancy I might add some nutmeg. For chicken though, I usually add thyme, white pepper, garlic, ginger - lots of fresh ginger especially if it's freshly killed and a tiny dash of curry.

  10. It looks delicious.. And it is quite strange for me but I believe it is a perfect recipe! About food we can discuss at ladynaija web page for woman:)

  11. Hi Sisiyemmie,

    You are doing a great job, am a Deltan and Isoko to be precise, We mostly use Ataiko And Irueje for banga soup. God bless you dear for the great job.

    1. I’m Urhobo, and you’re right. Ataiko and Rogoje are mainly for banga soup, not pepper soup or ukodo. An important ingredient missing is ‘ugwerin’ this is the native salt that looks like akawun, but where akawun is greyish, ugwerun is whitish.

  12. You are doing a great job dear sisiyemmie, am Deltan and Isoko to be precise, I Ataiko and Irueje are mostly used for banga soup not Pepper Soup. Thou that's my opinion.

  13. Wow impressive now I’m hungry 😊, pls sis what’s the ingredients called in English?

  14. Sisiyemmie this is lovely.. But what are the ingredients called in English.


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