E ku Public Hliday oh! Todays post is about my natural hair! I believe over a month ago I posted a photo on my blog and instagram of an updo and I did promise to make a video tutorial on it. I filmed it oh , then laziness set in. To edit na wahala. 

I got an email from Eseosa today reminding me about my unfulfilled promise, immediately I carried my laptop and edited it! I rebuke procrastination in my life! Haba! Thank you Eseosa for the reminder and I hope this video helps?! 
Basically all you need is :
  • kinky hair extensions
  • hair gel
  • hair brush
  • bobby pins
  • and hair bands....

Make two fat twists or braids with the extensions, the bigger the twists, the bigger the updo. Put your hair in a bun, applying the hair gel to keep stray strands at bay.

Place one of the twists on the bun, twist in a circle and pin away. Pin the extension to your hair until you feel its secure. Make sure your pins are not visible.

For the front part, I twisted the extension into one hair band and the fit the band into the back bun. This gives it a more natural look. You can freestyle with how you want the front to look like and, pin, pin.

This undo is very simple, just watch the video! Don't forget to click the SUBSCRIBE button oh! I enjoyed playing with my wedding veil again!


  1. AAaahahhh! Thank you for including the music with your video. (Who is the artist?) I was instantly transformed to the excitement of getting ready for a wedding. I felt your excitement. Very good tutorial as well! :) ~Maureen

  2. This hairstyle looks so elegant and simple.

  3. Hi sisi yemmie..I'm one of those pple that sneak in here, tap in d the gist and run away without leaving a comment. Just wanna commend you on what a great job u're doing. Say hi to Bobo.

  4. Awwwww. You wore your wedding veil! So cute, I literally got teary eyed. I feel like i'm the one that got the wedding of my dreams. So happy for you Sisi, you deserved it!! Great tutorial, I love it! I'm trying this style the next time I wear my hair out. Also what's the name of the song in the video please?

  5. I love your Tutorial Sisiyemmi........

  6. Nice one Sisi.

    the song is Thief by Simi

  7. So simple and gorgeous. So Kinky weave abi? I will find it. Thanks for this

  8. Very Simple and Lovely
    Thank you Sisi Yemmie

  9. Hi sisi Yemmie, I'm a great admirer of ur blog. Just want to appreciate the job Ure doing. I wish you the very best!.

  10. U didn't post my comment. *sad*


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