Hello beautiful people! Happy Independence Day! Bia, where the tin dey happen? Anybody cooking Independence rice in lagos? I will visit you! LOL. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Sola of Discovering Natural: she has a natural hair channel with so many tips for naturals, she does product reviews, hair tutorials, kids hair care (you should see how long her daughters hair is!) Visit her channel HERE. Ehen, so I featured on her channel to answer the follow questions:

1. Where do you live? (5 marks)
2. How long have you been natural?(5 marks)
3. What is your #1 challenge when it comes to being natural?(7 marks)
4. How did people/family react to you returning to natural?(5 marks)
5. How do you wear your hair?(10 marks)
6. Where do you find your products? (8 marks)
7. Do you feel it is hard to be natural where you live? (5 marks)
8. #1 advice to someone who is natural or thinking of returning to natural where you live?(15 marks)
9. Where can we find you? (2 marks)

If you want to know my answer to these questions...then watch the video! I know a lot of naturals read my blog so please answer some of the questions too in the comment section, each question carries different marks! Please attempt all. LOL. 

Happy Independence Day my fellow Nigerians!


  1. Your interview section has no audio Sisi o.


  2. 1.I live in Port Harcourt.
    2. I have been natural for 8months.
    3.Number 1 challenge is not seeing any progress length wise,shrinkage and styling my natural hair.
    4.Everyone was cool with it,mum was a little iffy about it.Someone ask " hope your Mr is ok with you cutting this hair" *sideeye ITS MY HAIR
    5.Mostly under braids ,wigs or weaves but i let in breath like 1 week inbetween.
    6.I get my products from online shops-NN and OLORI,mostly when my sibling travels,she buys them.
    7.The only ting hard about it is finding salons that cater to natural hair or the salons hair the stylists are always curious and pushing you to relax your hair.
    8.Do it for you ,not cos of instagram natural hair pics or youtube videos,because 90% of those twist outs and curls haven't worked for me till date.
    9.Instagram/twitter -Theisokogirl

  3. I have been natural since for a year now and I wonder why i didn't do it sooner
    Some how my saloon has accepted my natural hair and are willing to work with me on the various styles i decide to do with my hair. I also style my hair my self with two strand twists. Just like you I buy my products in bulk but I also help other people order their products too; contact for more info.

  4. i decided to go natural 2months ago.was on low cut for a while and now fixed a weave. There are too many products on maintaining natural confused,too many terms i dont understand,co wash,diff oils etc.i noticed from my research dt natural hair sisters use satin scarf to sleep,y? Pls help a sister out,i need the basic info on hw to make my natural hair fab with just a few products (cheap)and few routines(i dont have time).thanks

  5. 1. I live in Owerri, Imo State.
    2. I have been natural for a year and six months. I transitioned.
    3. I actually have a number of challenges with wearing my hair naturally.
    ~ Getting natural hair products and stylists here in Owerri is really difficult. Very few people here are naturals so salons and shops are yet to open up to the natural movement. I finally found ecostyler yesterday...yayyy!!!
    ~ It is time consuming. I love to tryout new stuff and since I style my hair by myself, it takes a lot of my time. Plus, my arms hurt almost all the time.
    ~My hair is a really full 4c and since I haven't found a good detangler, it can be a bother. I'd appreciate recommendations.
    4. Generally speaking, people loved it; they always love the afro or up-dos. Many people think I dare to do unconventional stuff with my hair. My mum was a bit fussy at first, but now she's all for it. My sister on the other hand loved it so much that she's currently transitioning.
    5. My go-to hairstyles are up-dos followed by afros. I also love my bantu knot-outs. My twistouts aren't perfect yet, but when I make really up-dos with them, they turn out lovely.
    6. I order some from Jumia and pick others up at beauty shops. I get my hair products when I'm in the West. There's little you can find here.
    7. Yes, for now it is. The product scarcity is something else. Most stylists here are completely ignorant about what you can do with the natural hair. They are even the ones who try so hard to persuade you into relaxing your hair.
    8. I'll advice people here to go for it. The movement starts from somewhere. Before you know it, stylists and natural beauty shops will start sprouting. Its more than just hair, its identifying with your roots and giving yourself something to care about.
    9. I blog at
    Instagram: @nazzy_negrifille
    Twitter: @nazzynenoe

  6. I cut my hair in march. tried going natural and it was realy not easy for me. have 2kids. didn't have time to wet then oil then moisturize. it does take a whole lot of time which I didn't have. and the twist outs etc was just too much work.
    I do admire people with their natural hair but men IT TAKES A WHOLE LOT OF WORK and TIME.
    anyway I cut my hair again. always loved low cut thoug

  7. I rocked my natural hair for about a year , mostly braids and weave on. I got bored one day and relaxed my hair o. I even tinted the hair o lol. BT guess what am transitioning again o. Hopefully ll take better care of my hair n style it better

  8. Team natural for the win! Love from Ireland x

    Jennos Health.

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