This honeymoon matter nor dey finish at all oh... so today's video is going to showcase about 3 outfits I wore during our 1 week honeymoon. Some people have time to prepare for their honeymoon, I tried to prepare sha (so disorganized)...we were still snoring from the wedding a day before and forgot that we needed to pack/travel so I ended up with a lot of irrelevant stuff that I managed to cram inside my box within 3 hours. I went looking in my wardrobe for sezzay outfits to wear but the truth is this, you don't need to wear cloth...that guy does not really see it. It's your h-o-n-e--y-m-o-o-n! LOL.

What I would advice is this:
  • Do research on you honeymoon location. I didn't and was so shocked to feel the scorching heat of Dubai. 
  • Pack appropriate clothing depending on the season of your visit and culture of your honeymoon location.
  • What activities would you be involved in during your visit apart from the "obvious"...LOL. If you're going to be hiking or surfing you need to dress for the occasion.
  • I would advice that you pack one formal wear...you never know. Bobo and I had a very formal dinner during our honeymoon and were not properly dressed because it was strictly "formal. The restaurant had to find him a suit. 
  • Don't forget lingerie!
  • Be prepared in advance!
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Enjoy the video!


  1. Love your second dress, yellow looks amazing on you. Great tips, lol at you don't really need clothes, very cheeky of you.
    Princess Audu

  2. oh wow!!!!
    beautiful videos.
    God bless your union!

  3. Nice one but I couldn't watch the video because of MB so sad.

  4. I'm missing so much. Can't watch the video with my phone, this is the point where I miss my laptop.

  5. You look flawless... Would like to meet you Sisi...

  6. Lol

    Who does your videos?
    It is fabulous.

  7. Loving all the dresses!!....me I want that red one and neon as well (big grin). Sisi I missed you o, buh you didn't miss me (crying)

  8. U look good in lemon / yellow it suits you....I love the second third n fourth

  9. The best forum for ladies! ladynaija.ng


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