CAMAY, a new of Body-care Collection from Procter and Gamble (P&G) decided to celebrate its launch into Nigeria by complimenting Ikeja City Mall shoppers through an interactive activation.

Presented with beautiful fresh roses by the CAMAY Ambassadors, the shoppers were invited into the beautiful CAMAY lounge where they were introduced to CAMAY’s different products. Shoppers were very excited taking pictures with two gorgeous floral walls as a backdrop, The floral walls were the key attraction with shoppers complimenting the brand on the exhibition.

Shoppers who visited the lounge were also treated to complimentary gifts including live roses, branded facial towels, and Camay body Lotions. As if this was not enough, courtesy of Camay four of the shoppers won exclusive tickets to the Genevieve Pink Ball event through a raffle draw. 

According to Tolu Pogoson, of P&G, makers of the range, CAMAY body-care collection includes two essential products - cleansing soap bars and moisturizing body lotions - that help busy women build beauty into their existing everyday routine. These are available in Romantic, Pure Refresh and Captivation, three captivating scent ranges that span feminine floral aromas and delicate fruity notes. 

“All of CAMAY’s products include a real drop of luxuriously scented perfume that makes heads turn throughout the day. This little splash of luxury ensures that you can radiate confidence knowing that your skin feels soft, glows, and smells sensual and seductive” she informed.

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  1. Those floral walls are really beautiful. Are they real?


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