This is going to be the first post of the #BlogBetter Series...hooray!!! I didn't even check to see if that name was taken, anyways I do hope you find these posts resourceful. Can we start from the very beginning? What do you think about before you start a blog? For some it was just a hobby (that was it for me): for others it started with a purpose. It doesn't really matter how you started blogging as long as you can answer the 5 W's and H below.

W - Why do I want to Blog?
Can you answer that question? If you're already blogging, why do you blog? It is important to know the purpose of a thing so as not to abuse it. Is blogging a social scene for you? Is it a hideout for you? Is it a form of expression for you? Why do you blog or why do you want to blog? Knowing the answer to this will determine your approach to blogging.

W - What will be my major content?
So you have a blog, what is your content? News and Events? Fashion and Lifestyle? The Word Of God? Gossip? *wink. You need to determine this to be able to streamline your content to your target audience. I have been called a blogger of all trades and that is because I have all sorts of content but I do try to streamline it so that there is unity in my overall content.

W - Who will be my target audience?
Unless you're blogging for yourself, you should want to know who your intended target audience is, especially so that you can tailor your content to meet their needs. Blogging for parents is different from blogging about kiddies stuff. You need to determine your audience so you can use the language they will understand. 

W -  What platform will I use?
There are different blogging platforms you can use: there's blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Live Journal etc. I'll tell you why this is important. Often bloggers try to switch between platforms but that is after years of investing in a particular platform and by then, it can be difficult to do the switch. It is therefore important that you check out the pro's and cons of using these different platforms.

W - When will I blog?
Consistency is very important to blogging success, have you determined how often you want to update your blog? If it is a News and Events blog you need to update constantly, at least 4 times a day. Are you going to create content yourself? This takes a lot of time and effort and you need to determine the frequency of your posts. Readers like routine and better if you have one. 

H - How do I get my blog noticed?
Every blogger wants to increase traffic on their blog because that's what pays the big bucks ( if you're blogging for money) What's the purpose of blogging if no one gets to read or engage your blog? I believe you're like me and would want your blog to get a lot of attention and comments: comments make me happy. Seeing increasing page views make me elated and that is the satisfaction I derive from blogging. If no one is reading, you may not be motivated to continue. So you want to plan your marketing strategy for getting your blog noticed right from the start.

Do you have any questions with regards to blogging? Leave them in the comment section and I will get to it. 


  1. haven't been on the blog in a while. Great improvement since the last time was here. Great job!

  2. Very insightful post Sisi...i would like to know more about marketing strategy, cos dats one of d hard parts

  3. Which is best ? Tumbir?wordpress? Blogger?what are the advantages of one over another

  4. Great! Thanks for sharing. Please marketing strategy and how do you do clickable banners? Like the one you did for you and bobo during the competition? Thanks

  5. You can blog professionally too.....check out: www.maverickservices.co.uk/blog

  6. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic.... www.9jablower.com

    i just can't get people to revisit my blog

  7. how important is layout/overall blog look? atm I feel like there is not enough 'stuff' on my blog...
    thanks for the tips though


  8. Hi Sisi Yemmie. I would really love it if you emphasize more on how to get traffic on blogs 'cause that's one thing I'm been trying to work on. you can visit my blog here http://leeznijis.blogspot.com

  9. Great post Sisi Yemmie. Thanks for starting the blog better series. I look forward to contributing to it. Here's my question: As Facebook, Twitter, G+ and the likes are a good way to get a blog's content out there, how does a blogger become/stay visible on social media? How does one get more Facebook page likes and Twitter followers.


  10. This is very nice sisiyemmie and Congrats once again to you and Bobo.
    My questions are

    1) What type of internet do you use in Nigeria at the moment and what type of internet connection would you recommend for a personal Blogger like you knowing fully well that most sources like glo airtel, mtn etc have limited amount of GB and its not recommended for streaming of videos cos it consumes it very fast.. How can one get affordable unlimited wifi as a personal blogger

    2) How do you make voice over videos….. examples some of your videos where we can only see you demonstrating but hear your voice from the background

    3) which software do you use for editing of your videos and pictures

    4)How does one market his site to get more traffic

    5) You once said you use a Canon 650D on your blog,with your canon 650d, do you shoot raw images and process them or do you shoot normal images and how would one reduce the high resolution photos in order to limit the amount of space e.g reduction of an 7.5mb photo to a 1mb photo before publishing in order to save air space on one's blog


  11. Thanks for this! Currently building up www.paris5thave.com

  12. Gday,I just started a blog but I don't know how to post and copy and paste and other stuffs.Please how can u help. Thanks

  13. Hello Sissy,
    Lovely post you had there. Quite informative I must say. I came across the page on my journey to seek knowledge of blogging before I get fully started... Your posts have been superb.
    Thanks. My website is www.ewaedeyoruba.wordpress.com


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