Lately, everyone seems to be going designer bag crazy and Nigerian blogs are populated with "So so and so is wearing the latest Chanel bag"...how do you know if it's a fake or not? This is especially important if you're looking to invest in one. The term "invest" is used because any bag above N20, 000 better be an investment. LOL. For some in Nigeria, how do you trust that the retailer in Nigeria sold you the original? Here are 4 ways to know if that bag you're about to purchase is real or fake.

Know Your stuff : I was advised once that a good way to check the authenticity of a designer bag is to go through their collection on their website: you will be able to compare what you're about to purchase to what they have there. If possible go in store and study the bag to know how an original would look like. For example Coach bags that have serial numbers, they can easily tell if it’s for real. 

Too Good To Be True? | Have you had an offer that is too good to be true? C'mon,  If a bag normally retails for N100,000 and someone’s offering it for N30,000, you may be getting scammed. Shine your eyes. Probe why the bag is being sold at such a giveaway price... I still wouldn't be buying if an item comes extremely cheap.

Who Is Selling? | Be skeptical buying an expensive handbag from someone you know could not possibly afford one. Who is selling it to you? Designer handbags like Coach are sold in Coach boutiques and other designated retail outlets. They are not going to be found at discount retailers or in corner shops...beware of designer bag online retailers. Beware of buying designer bags on ebay. 

Attention To Detail: Pay attention to the stitching, logos and interior colors. If the inside appears to be made of plastic, it's probably a fake. For example, authentic Louis Vuitton bags, ALWAYS have an interior stamp.  Check that all of the stitching is perfectly aligned, are the patterns on track and consistent throughout for example, in a Louis Vuitton bag, the signature logos all face the same way.


  1. Nice post


  2. Sisi, Please don't kill me but Chanel has one 'l' and not 2, otherwise it would be channel, as in channels the tv station.

  3. Do you know where I can buy designer bag in lagos?

  4. Daz how I bought fake bag oh! Scamed by my friend

  5. Could one possible buy a "fake" Coach from Macys? at times they do clearance sales and you get them at discount prices on Macys, while Coach still maintains the real price on its website.


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