Hiya! I did mention a few weeks ago that I was an online ambassador for MAGGI Chicken (doing the chicken dance) along with Dupe Killa and Toke is wonderful because I was born into MAGGI i.e I've always known MAGGI since I was a wee child and I believe MAGGI is quite synonymous with Nigerian cooking. "You put Maggi for the food"? is a typical question whether it's actually MAGGI used or not. I'm glad I'm a part of the campaign and you should be too because there'll be giveaways for you my sweet delicious readers soon. No, I don''t imagine you all look like jollof rice. LOL. Oya, let me  tell you more about what has been going on.

My first event was the MAGGI Chicken Launch press briefing which took place at the Nestle Office in Ilupeju. I never been to that part of Lagos before and as usual I got lost. By the time I got to the venue, I was disheveled...but nothing spoil. Dupe and I were introduced to the brand and had a couple of interviews. It was nice event, I went home with  Maggi goody bag, as well as everyone else. #MAGGIOverflow
The next event was the MAGGI Chicken launch (#NewMAGGIChicken) and it was fun fun fun fun! Were you there? I was and I sent out invites to those of you who wanted to attend. Toke Makinwa was present  and Dupe Killa was there. Bovi, Tu Face, Annie Idibia were all there...tell me how would it not be fun? Plus there was fooooood. When I arrived at the venue I was welcomed by this very interesting troop. See how colorful they look?
Thereafter a couple of people were interviewed: I was interviewed and asked to do the chicken dance. I wish I have a video of it, my chicken dance was not good at all. LOL. I need to practice my chicken dance more! 
During the event we were invited on stage to talk about our MAGGI experience and why we love MAGGI and I love the energy and passion of the brand. It is exciting.  Annie Idibia was invited too and she told us that the first meal she prepared for TuFace many many many years ago was Ekpang Nkukwo and I bet she used MAGGI. LOL. Bovi and Toke Makinwa were co-hosts during the event.
After Annie finished speaking, guess who turned up? TUFACE! Ok, now I respect his artistry. TuFace is a wonderful performer, you should have seen how everyone came alive when he started. He knows how to work a crowd. It was so much fun.
Another fun part of the event was the dance competition to win an ipad. If I was allowed I would have danced as well. It started with a few contestants and they were finally narrowed down to 2. This babe and the guy danced for that Ipad ehn...but guess what? They were both given ipads! Follow me on instagram sisi_yemmie to see some of the short video clips from the event.
There were other performances that made the event extremely colorful: of course it's a celebration!
I didn't forget about the food part of it oh...I was only saving the best for last! White House and  Ghana High catered for the event: I love that MAGGI is appreciating these kitchens that have touched many lives...please tell me you've been to Ghana High and White House... I was served Jollof Rice , chicken and salad and still found space for Amala, ewedu and gbegiri. I'm a champion foodie.  #NewMAGGIChicken
I met my Warri bros, Bovi, someone said we look alike, is that true??? We should do a skit together abi?
Don't worry, I'll invite you for the next major Maggi chicken event.
 Look out for that giveaway too!


  1. i wished the story will never end:)
    So colorful....You look super cute in that dress:)

  2. So love your blue dress, matches ur skin so well. My mouth is salivating right now with all this foods up here. Pls invite us next time o.
    Visit my blog:

  3. Awwwww....please invite me next time. I can't believe I missed out on this.

  4. Did you loose weight? Looking fab


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