It's been a while since I've done a restaurant review and that is not right, especially as I am trying to build my foodie portfolio and take my chop chop career very seriously *rubs belly. I am the type of person that would visit the same restaurant every time and order the same menu every time so when my friend Simi told me about Rodizzio, I thought I'd give it a try but I forgot and went back to my usuals. A few weeks back I went trough Isaac John Street in Ikeja G.R.A and spotted the restaurant so I asked on twitter if it was any good and Mr Alakija gave it a thumbs up so off we went to Rodizzio Restaurant. 

I went with Bobo! I enjoy eating with him because I think we both share a passion for good food. While waiting for the food we had time to talk about a lot of things that work didn't allow us do. It was also more like a date, so that was very enjoyable. Lately we go out in the company of friends and family so it's easy to forget that its been a while we went on a date... this needs to be reignited *strikes match!
From the outside it was welcoming and very easy to locate. The interior was not as nice as I expected it to be, I think they could do better decor and make it more receptive. Some of the wall paints had faded and there was little symphony in the decor.. Instead of perhaps soft music playing in the background, it was a TV showing a football game, that didn't give me a "restaurant" feel. However, the food made up for decor.
When we got in I was confused because I wasn't sure we were at the right place: the restaurant was empty: is that usual for a Sunday afternoon? I expected it to be buzzing with guests. We met a man who welcomed us, he was just sitting watching the football game when we got in. We told him what drinks we wanted and the meal we chose then waited for food. Chai...we waited for this food for like 20 minutes before even the starter came. By then Bobo was extremely restless. LOL. It took another almost 40 minutes for the main dish to appear: e be like say dem just dey cook as we order. But when the food came, it just kept coming. and we forgot about the hunger. We also got a nice treat from Mr Alakija, he surprised us with a bottle of wine at the table, that was a really fab gesture. Thank you!

So how Rodizzio works is this: they bring you a trolley of food, which is rice, pasts, salad ( depending on the combo menu you ordered), and then subsequently bring beef, then seafood . e.t.c. So while your'e eating maybe the bacon, steak comes. I liked that. See what we consumed.
It cost us about N6000 wasn't a buffet but it wasn't really a set menu, so for the experience I'd say that price was ok. Especially as we got varieties of seafood as well. Have you been there? Do you think the price was worth it?
I loved that it was different from other restaurants and the variety was very very nice. These are the high points of the restaurant: the food kept coming. I still insist that they could do better with the decor, just to create a more welcoming ambiance and I'd appreciate music too when I'm dining. Maybe on a typical day there's music. I went on a Sunday.

Have you been to Rodizzio Restaurant? Let me know your thoughts


  1. Awww sisi I love the fact that you take out time to try out restaurants. I am also a foodie who also hop from one place to another trying out new food and experience. I can't wait to start documenting my experiences as well. However, I do think the price is fine considering the fact that the meal was good and you had a good combination of sea food. Oh I miss naija no b

  2. Yes! i agree,they could do more with the decor,aside that i love love Rodizzio! it's usually empty on Sundays tho.

    1. Yeah, I think I went on a Sunday and it was pretty much empty but the food was okay and very filling, coulnd't finish it

  3. Hi Sisi, they just renovated the place...maybe they are yet to repaint the wall you saw?

    1. Did they? Maybe they are yet to repaint that section

  4. Replies
    1. You should try it and let me know your thoughts

  5. Looks so good
    Pretty cheap
    I am so going there
    It looks so amazing (the food, i mean)

    1. 6K cheap ke? Ah, Some people will beg to differ sha. LOL. Please when you go let me know your thoughts

  6. The food is so awesome


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