Discover a whole new way to pamper yourself, enjoy FanRoyale PREMIUM Ice Cream proudly produced by Fan Milk Nigeria Plc. A blend of the smoothest of cream and the richest of flavours, FanRoyale is available in 3 distinct flavours namely:

· Vanilla Strawberry Stripping – a Vanilla flavored Ice Cream with Strippings of Strawberry flavour

· Cappuccino Chocolate Chip – a Cappuccino flavored Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips

· Rum N’ Raisins – a unique blend of Vanilla Ice Cream, Rum (0.15% alcohol content) and Raisins

The proudly Nigerian and first-of-its-kind indigenous Premium Ice Cream product - poised to be a competing brand to the likes of Blue Bunny and other similarly imported Ice Cream products, was officially unveiled by the staff of Fan Milk Nigeria Plc on Friday, 11th April, 2014 at a cozy launch event in that held in Ikeja, GRA, Lagos.

FanRoyale Ice Cream is available for purchase in major supermarkets and stores in Nigeria and several Experiential Launch activities have been scheduled to specially welcome Ice Cream lovers to the delicious experience of FanRoyale.

Lovers of Ice Cream - and its indulgent nature, should watch out for the 'Royale Lounge' popping up in select locations in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja where they will be exclusively pampered by the FanRoyale brand. The Royale Lounge would make its first appearance in Ikeja City Mall, Lagos on the 18th of April (Good Friday) 2014. Following appearances of the Royale Lounge would be at Everyday Emporium, Port Harcourt on the 26th of April, SIlverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos on the 1st of May and a final appearance at the Grand Towers Mall, Abuja on the 4th of May 2014.

Ice Cream lovers would be pampered like never before at the Royale Lounge and it promises to be a very exciting and indulgent experience. The Royale Lounge tour and its activities can be followed using the '#RoyaleTreatement' hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and also by following and liking the Fan Milk Nigeria Plc Social Media pages.


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