L-R: Mr. Oscar Onyema, Chief Executive officer, Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE); Mr. Austion Okere, Founder and managing Director, Computer Warehouse Group Plc (CWG); Mr. Haruna jalo-Waziri, Director Business Development, NSE; as Okere rings the bell on the exchange floor to signify the entrance of CWG into the stock market last year
Computer Warehouse Group Plc (“CWG” or “the Company”) last month released its audited financial results for the year ended December 31, 2013 to the Nigerian Stock Exchange. 

The results show a strong and positive performance across all financial indices and also affirm the Company’s position as the foremost Pan African ICT services provider. 

The Company’s revenues grew by 10% to N20.7bn (2012: N18.7bn) while Profit After Tax increased by a whopping 81% to N612m (2012: N339m) showing strong efficiency of operations. 

The result revealed a Return on Equity of 13% in 2013, as against 11% in 2012 and Returns on Capital Employed (ROCE) of 13% against 7% in 2012. The Company’s Asset increased by N2bn to N13.4bn as at 2013 year end, while Shareholders’ equity increased by a remarkable 66% to N5.0bn in the same period. 

The Company finished with a strong cash position of over N1.1bn at the year end, with a 38% increase in cash from operation over 2012. 

Based on this improved performance, the directors have recommended a 33% increase in dividend to 8k per share (2012; 6k) 

Austin Okere, the group CEO, whilst reviewing the results commented that CWG used 2013 to consolidate her operations by investing in new systems and processes which has culminated in the cost efficiencies which has, in turn, resulted in the percentage growth in her bottom line. This shall give CWG a cost leadership position whilst delivering superior service to its customers. According to him, we shall continue to make investments that would make CWG a global brand to behold. 

The focus in the future would be to continue growing the brand through initiatives directed towards empowering the African entrepreneur. This would be done by making IT available to SME’s on a subscription basis, thereby lowering the entry barriers to the use of information technology. It is also a social impact investment 

Okere further noted that CWG, aside from consolidating its base in Uganda and Cameroun, will also make some acquisitions in the near future as part of its Pan African growth strategy. This would have an overall impact on its brand equity. 

We hope to further tap into the growth potentials of emerging African economies thus bringing us closer to our philosophy of being the number 1 IT utility enabler in Africa.

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