Hello lovelies, how are you doing? I introduced you to Khuraira Cosmetics a few weeks ago and I told you I received a goody bag with beautiful make up and today I will be creating a bright lip look and I intend to do that with just using a pretty coral lipstick. There will be a giveaway at the end of the campaign, so you want to pay attention to the Khuraira posts!

1. The first thing I did was to fill in my brows with my same old 50 Naira brow pencil, then I cleaned it up with the Khuraiya Age Control Concealer with peptides... it covers up every spot and it's a nice finishing for my brows. I used it as a concealer and highlighter.
2. Next I applied the Khuraira Dermal Revitilising Age Control Foundation with peptides... you can see how it easily applies. I'm going to do a detailed review of this foundation soon. After blending in my foundation as much as I could I reapplied the concealer to highlight parts of my face... just for mild contouring.
3.  Make sure you blend, blend, blend though so that your contouring is not visible. After blending everything, I also applied the Khuraira Sheer Finish Powder Blush.
4.  I already lined my waterline with a kohl and my lids with a liquid liner. I used 2 mascaras, the first is the Khuraira Lash Lengthening Mascara and followed that with the Khuraira Lash Thickening Mascara...
5. Now on to my lippie, the Khuraira Diva Lipstick which is a nice coral colour, very "springy"...To set everything on my face I used the Khuraira Original Invincible Touch Up gave my face a nice finish.
Like this look?


  1. Very beautiful, love it!

  2. Love the natural look. I'm terrible at making up. It took me a while to know the basics of drawing the eyebrow... Do you have tutorials on it? I'm still looking to learn... The picture quality on your blog is A-mazing by the way

  3. I love love this look. You didn't mention using blush yet your cheeks look so rosy. Is it a side benefit of the contouring?

  4. I can see myself wearing this look

  5. Where can I get the product,?


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