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Now is the time to get your blog on Fleek! In my six years of blogging I'm  sure I have come across at least 300,000 blogs-No lie! In my early blogging years I used to visit at least 50 blogs daily because I was so obsessed with blogging-still very obsessed. I have seen the good, bad, ugly and fabulous, so I can give you tips on how to make your blog pop! Think of this post like a push-up bra. 😜 Let's do this!

This is the first thing you need to work on. There are so many beautiful blogs out there and ways to make your blog look visually appealing are literally at your fingertips. Gone are the days of trying to design your blog yourself, for $5 you can find an already made template online, purchase, install and your blog looks like a Lagos babe ready for an Owambe on Saturday afternoon. On fleek!*Snaps Fingers*

I love reading blogs that use very good images-especially images that related to the blog post. Ever so often I see a lot of Nigerian blogs with images that are blurry, have low quality, totally unrelated to the post and worst of all, stolen. By stolen I mean, downloaded from Google without permission. Don't allow what happened to me in 2014 happen to you oh. I don tell you. Most phones these days can take a decent photo, apply a filter here and there and your photos are web ready. 

There is nothing more confusing than a disorganised blog. No About Me page, No Popular Post /Previous Post section, everything is just basically "jagajaga". No reader has time to try to put it together, they will quickly vamoose from your blog. Keep it simple. Make sure your posts are arranged neatly. The texts should be aligned, your sentences should be punctuated. Use paragraphs. Have sections. Make sure we can see at least 4 posts per page. 

Most readers view your blog on their mobile phones, you'd hardly find anyone reading blogs from the computer (unless they're at work-naughty), this means your blog should be mobile friendly and responsive. Mobile friendliness is basically your blog cat-walking, instead of walking upandan anyhow. Blog t'on twerk. Mobile responsiveness means your blog would adapt to whatever device your reader is using. This is one of the best things you can do for your blog right now, it shouldn't cost much to get it that way. Make sure whatever blog template design you are purchasing is mobile responsive, if you are not sure, ask.

I hope this post gives you the oomph that your blog needs. 

Like always, if you have any questions about blogging, please ask me and I'll answer. If you want special one-on-one session with me, just jejely sign up HERE.


  1. Thank You Sisi!We are getting there gradually.

  2. THANKS 4 D info, Tosanking Blog

  3. Nice post and its very infromative.


  4. Good information, keep them coming.


  5. I'm glad I popped into this post. Lol
    It's like every time someone sneezes, a blog is created so I'll say to make your work stand out, you need to be very intentional about it.
    Here are some random points I'll add:
    -Really get that template as Sisi said. There are even sites for free templates. Just google, "free and responsive blog templates."
    -Produce relevant content that meet needs
    -Be consistent so readers don't get disappointed and leave
    -Make your pics SEO ready by naming them properly. For example, instead of "IMG 001" rename to "ways to tie a scarf" so Google can recognise it.
    -Be uniquely you

    That's all I can think of for now.
    Thanks for the educative tips, Sisi!


    1. Thank you Precious!!! You should totally do a post on this if you haven't!

    2. That tip on naming the pictures is great and one I have never heard of! Very well done Precious and Sisi Yemmie. You both made SO much sense.
      4 Perfectly Do-able Traditions for (Young) Couples

  6. Thank you Sisi! My blog really do need some push ups.


    1. Give your blog some push up oh, very necessary!

  7. A disorganised blog is def a major turn-off for me.

    How are you doing? And how is Tito too?

  8. These are great tips Sisi Yemmie. Thanks. As with everything else, the key for me is to keep learning and apply these great learnings to my blog. There are so many free resources on the internet. I've learnt a number of things from your posts on blogging. Please can you share any tips on understanding SEO? The thing dey give me headache. I've been reading up on this but feel like it is not so simple to grasp.


  9. Thanks for this tips ... As a newbie blogger I truly needed this .

  10. Thanks for this awesome article, i will make sure my blog meet with this standard. windowsandroidtips.com

  11. woww just saw this post now,very informative.So many things still dey confuse me. will definitely get there one day, thanks for sharing.


  12. Thanks for the tips. just started blogging this year, and I am working on some of these things already


  13. Thanks for these tips! Right after reading this, I went to check to be sure that I was giving photo credit, etc. I don't purposely not put photo credit, I just forget. Love this, thanks Sisiyemmie!


  14. I found your blog while searching for the lists of blogs with unique content and i stumbled on yours. The picture quality and neatness of the blog got me hooked. I am an erotica blogger and sometimes it feels weird writing these things knowing how Nigerians shy away from sex but then again, i love to write out my queer imaginations and not hide behind pseudo names. I want to be consistent with it buttttt...yikes I keep asking why do we run away from sex talk and why dont we have more erotica bloggers in nigeria?

    well, you can check my blog out even though nasty,i just want to be different from other copy copy bloggers.


  15. Am guilty of still looing at blogs and finding out what makes them tick, but have also learnt that to keep guests coming back, one must keep it simple and relevant.

    1. update regularly and provide unique content
    2. The tone of language matters
    3. Google, instagram, facebook are great sources for traffic, iftt can be used to cross promote content.
    4. Readers relate well with pictures and video posts.
    5. Guest post on other blogs and create your own style.

    I love sisi yemmie and Berry Dakara for infusing their personalities into their blogs. I publish blogging tips that have found useful on my lifestyle blog www.typearls.com.ng.

  16. Mhen i so much love dis write-up,more pls...

  17. Mhen i so much love dis write-up,more pls...

  18. Great tips! thank you for sharing them!

  19. Thanks for these excellent tips. I've always been an ardent reader but this is my first time of commenting I think.


  20. It's very helpful


  21. Thanks for sharing these tips sisiyemmi,

  22. Waoh Great information God Bless

  23. I love these tips! And Precious thanks for the extras. My blog is similar to yours, Sisi Yemmie but doesn't have About me and all that. Is this template free?


  24. You are too much Sisi and I m loving you the more. Thanks for sharing.



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