Oh! This is why you should SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel so that you are always first to see my videos. This was uploaded earlier in the week but I got so caught up in activities that I didn't publish it here. 

Last week we had Children's day so I tried to make it fun for Tito but he is too young to play any of the games I wanted and would not even remember the day. LOL. I had a little chat with my friend about Feminism, and make sure you watch till the end because there is a beautiful surprise there!


  1. Awwwwww the mom to be is so pretty,I pray she delivers like an Hebrew woman.The cake is so fluffy and inviting.Happy children's day in arrears Tito.Sisi looking all shades of beautiful in this episode.

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  3. Not sure if it is just my browser but your blog takes forevere to load compared to others:( BTW Uber is pronounced oooobah the ooo like in ooolala not you-ba like you just said it:)


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