E get one time like this I was doing shakara for Bobo when he requested for Akara. A few minutes later I perceived the wondrous aroma of akara but when I ran to the kitchen I met these Pancake looking akara. I was sceptical. But when I tasted it ehn...I became a believer and Bobo became the official Akara Pancake Chef of the house. The awesome thing is that: it is not deep fried, so healthier? LOL. #FitFam people will not let somebody eat in peace without guilt tripping you.

2 Cups Bean Flour
2 Cups Chopped Onion
2 Cups of Water
2 Medium Chopped Ata Rodo
I seasoning Cube
1 Tsp Salt
Vegetable Oil
2 Tbs Crayfish
1 Tsp Blended Dry Pepper (Optional)
  • Add bean flour to a bowl, add water, onion, crayfish, seasoning cube, salt, pepper and whisk for 5 minutes. If you have a mixer it will make the job easier. 
  • Heat a pan with enough oil to grease it, then scoop in your bean flour mixture.
  • Just like you would with Pancake, allow to fry till it is brown underneath, then flip. Make sure the heat is not too much or else it would burn and not be cooked through.
  • Keep flipping till you achieve desired "brownness"
And that's it! Pan fried Akara!

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  1. Nice one bobo. Definitely trying dis now

  2. Thanks soo much this is yummy will surely try it out

  3. Pan fried Akara sounds and looks good! All hail Bobo!


  4. nice one trying it out. thumps up for bobo

  5. Chef bobo nice one ooo #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  6. I tried your pepersoup okra without oil and I really love it. Am trying this too this weekend.

  7. I used your efo riro and flat akara recipes, both were easy to prepare and delicious. Thanks to Bobo & Sisi Yemmie.

  8. Sisi Yemmie on your youtube channel you keep typing it as ANKARA (cloth) instead of AKARA. It keeps throwing me off lol


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