I was busy minding my own business on the internet (you know can't just mind your business on the web), and I clicked one video, entered another one and found myself in a Gorilla video. I thought my heart was going to explode from fear at what I was seeing in the video, I was so scared, I tightly clutched the wrapper that was loosely tied around my chest, muttering "Ehhhhhhhh Jeeeeeessssuuuus". Make I gist you wetin happen:

So Harambe is a 17 year old Gorilla in a Cincinnati Zoo, and then this woman somehow was not minding her child, na so this 4 year old pikin fall enter the Gorilla pit. The Gorilla proceeded to handle this child the only way an animal would, that was the point where I was clutching my wrapper tightly. Harambe the Gori, dragged this small boy under water, I was scared he would just snuff life out of that poor child. The Zoo decided to kill the gorilla to save the boys life. Whew!

But that's not where the story ends. 

Now animal activists are protesting that the Gorilla did not mean to harm the boy, say na play e dey play and that Harambe should not have been killed especially as it's species are endangered. Sigh. They insist it should have been tranquillised. Right now, there is a petition against the zoo and more than 200, 000 people have signed it. 

The Zoo believes they did the right thing as you cannot predict what the Gorilla would have done next, no matter how well behaved an animal it is. If it was tranquillised, it would take at least 5 minutes to have an effect. 

I'm confused. At what point did we get to this point where you start weighing whether a human being's life is more important than an endangered gorilla's life? 

What do you think? Well watch this short clip 


  1. It shows how warped the minds of some people have become. I am glad the Zoo authority valued the boy's life over the gorilla's.

  2. Sisi,

    I don't understand oh. I feel the same people would have critisied the zoo if the gorilla was traqualised and harm the baby. My heart almost flew out of my chest seeing the gorilla drag the baby under water. The gorrilla, they said have mother instincts ... I think they are bloody jokers. If the gorrilla step on the boy once, his bones could be crushed. Anything could have happened to the boy. I'm not happy the gorilla was killed but at least the boy was saved. And I'm happy the boy is doing fine. Some kids are just full of it. You have to tie them to your waist if not, they will be all over the place

  3. These white people ehn! A child's life was in danger and they are more concerned about the animal. Lord hep us ooo

  4. Human life comes first for me! Five minutes is a long time. The Gorilla was on his way to killing the boy. Na wah for those 200,000 people!

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  5. sisi, i dont agree with you....dont get me wrong,,i'm not saying killing the animal was wrong but then people have been talking about the gorilla but then what about the parent of the child? cos i saw the video on CNN the parents came to a ZOO for crying out loud,how did the child move from where they were to the pit? like where were they?i saw the distance between where they were and the pit.....they just killed the gori and left the parents....

    1. Should they have shot the parents too? Na wa ooo

    2. My sister, I don't agree with you. You can not always keep an eye on your child. Some kids are something else.The other day, my toddler wanted to walk on the road while we were walking home from her minder. She ended up falling off the road. I can't imagine what would have happen if a car was coming on the other side. Please don't blame the parents. They might have just taken their eyes off him for 2 seconds and it happened. These kids are just ridiculous.

    3. I guess you don't have a child, because if you do you won't be blaming the parents. Some kids are very hyper,we should put our selves in the parents shoes watching their son been dragged like that in the water,then you will tell me whether you would have considered sparing the life of the gorilla at that moment

    4. @Nelo, yes o, they should have shot the parents too.

    5. When you have kids come back and read your comment

  6. Ok please nobody shoot me oh...

    I pitied the Gori as you call him not only because I believe he was not necessarily trying t harm the child (as evidenced by him holding him by the hand and helping him pull his shorts up), but also because he was in his place jeje when the pikin came to meet him. I watched a similar video but of a female gori and she actually saved the child; cradled him in her arms patted him on the back and them carried him to a part of her enclosure from where she could pass him off to a human. Unfortunately Harambe was male and so didn't have the same maternal instincts. I actually think he may have though the screaming crowd was a threat not just to him but of the child too. In the beginning of the video he was shielding the child from the crowd with his body. If he wanted to kill him 1 backhand slap would have done d job.

    I get that they had to shoot him to free the child, a tranquilizer would have added more stress to the animal that had already been removed from his nom and also may have taking time to take effect. At the end of the day it was gore or little boy and of course little boy won.

    I'm not a parent but I know little kids especially boys have a way of getting away from you. so we need to be careful and teach them the difference between a zoo animal and Balu from Jungle book. I was in many zoos as a child but never did i try to go near d animal, the fear of wild animals and indeed my mothers epic backhand slap took care of that.

    If at all the zoo is to blame it should be for making it possible for the boy to get in there in the first place... epistle over LOL

  7. You are forgetting you've gotten to that point based on social environment. This wouldn't be a question in Africa, but in Oyinbo land. Animal rights is equivalent to minority rights...dem dey same level.

  8. I am watching this video for the first time and apart from the mere fact that the gorilla is certainly not human. I don't think the gorilla would have killed the child. The only sign of danger was really the instance he first saw the child and the way he dragged the child through the water(but that's how an animal knows how to hold or grab objects)...you all remember the classic movie King Kong (though fantasy Gorillas are one of the closest to human beings as apes if you get my drift)-Unfortunately no matter how we think or not an animal is still an animal, so it would have been way too risky to take a chance with a human child. But I honestly still think that gorilla would not have killed the child. I just hope the child will not live with a psychological trauma for such a terrifying ordeal!

  9. Nah, mehn, I fully support the killing of the gorilla. Maybe I'm biased because I have very bad zoophobia, but seeing the video had me freaking out and it's so haunting to me. Maybe the gorilla was playing, maybe it wasn't playing, but all I could see was DANGER!

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