I was at Ikeja City Mall earlier today and I spied Ramsey Nouah parking and going into the mall, I wondered how he felt coming there especially as he is very popular and fans with no chill will jump on him. I feel like every trip to ICM is interesting, you never know what you will see but you can be sure to see the following kinds of people on a typical day:

These ones are not here to shop, meet anyone. They are armed with their phones, clothes from their bottom box, face beat and friends to help them take the best photo ever. All they want is that Shoprite logo (it must be cos they are always right in front of Shoprite). I saw a group of young girls today, trying to take the perfect selfie for the gram, their neck almost break because the phone was so high & each girl was twisting their neck so much that I stood with my mouth open 😮

I can spot them a mile off now, they know how to target you. It's not a bad thing that they want you to buy their "Albums", na the huzzle na. The day I have spare change I give them, the day I don't I do my best to dodge. I wonder how much some of them make in a day...

I cannot count the number of celebrities I've seen at Ikeja City Mall. If you want to spot them, just spend a few good hours at the Mall and shine your eyes, you will definitely see one! My most remarkable celeb spotting at ICM was Dakore, she was so nice and courteous! That was a long time ago sha...

Be very observant at ICM, these ones are loitering about looking for maga. You will see them, shopping basket in hand, but they will never drop anything inside. They are often too close for comfort, always accidentally brushing you. I remember one time this guy was just "gumbodying" me, I turned around and asked if he minded? "Bros you cannot be chewingumming me, see space." He wore white on white trad. Few minutes later I saw this same bros trying to lift a woman's phone and she caught him! I almost joined to to shout Ole on his head but I decided to waka pass 😔

I remember one time I went to the Mall with Yomi and this lady gave him an envelop, he think say she dash him. I had to let him know to put money inside and return to her. You will get approached by these people asking for alms or those who forgot their transport fare at home and need you to give them one 5000 naira you are not using 🙂

Then there are the people who came all the way from their house to come and queue for Shoprite bread 😍. I have been on that queue too (no shame in my game) and I've jumped the queue a few times.


  1. Very interesting and witty Post! Thanks for being an inspiration always.

  2. Lol sisi e be like say u dey go there go observe well oo. But mehn that shoprite bread too make sense ooo no shame in the game ooo #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  3. I went there just one time in my roughly 4 years of being in Lagos. But the Palms has pretty much the same kinda people, plus The Cool Kids.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. I have been there like 2ce, the palms is much calmer at least the cool kids are decent. ICM is sooo rowdy. Sisi forgot to add the family excursion category,

    2. Lol yup, the cool kids will always be there. xx
      It's Munastic

  4. Lol @ Shoprite bread. I'm convinced that Magnetic appeal is carefully kneaded into the dough. :-)

  5. i was there last year april to buy my ipad (Air) Pouch for N10,500, when i reach computer village the next day i had to visit an Accesory store to confirm the price of the same pouch and them tell me say na 4,500, i was like *yhe mogbe* e be like say make i dey cry, them ask me wetin do me , i say nothing. :( . and that's my short #TININI story. don't ask me the meaning of #TININI becos me self nor know am.

    Good to be here.


  6. You forget to include the corporate prostitutes.

  7. lol sisi.Yes like Berry said there are the cool kids as well!

  8. Besides Tuface, Ramsey Nouah is a really humble guy/man! He lives in Surulere and I've run into him at the local supermarket a couple of times. He doesn't want all the airs like when the security rush to open the door and stuff, he just asks them to stop.

  9. The Selfie takes are taking over this days Healthcare and Fitness Blog Shop rite is even worse with selfie takers. Getting interesting.

  10. Lol, this post is so funny sometimes that bread queue is too long.


  11. Lmao! The Shoprite bread hustle is real!

  12. I think Shoprite bread is over-rated. I don't like it. Too chunky and dunked with flavours - making it a sacrilege of Agege trying to tush up. Their cakes and those rolls whatever are better and of course the French Loaf but on bread and pastries they are not the best. Give me my Grand Square bread anyday and I'm okay.

  13. Lol! For real. That bread queue scares me but I've never met any celebrities 😥

  14. But to come all the way from your house to come and buy shoprite bread, hia. It's same here in Ilorin tho'. Go and queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeue for hot Shoprite bread. Actually, I have never done that before. Yeah, I feel matured now. Kikikikikikiiki...


  15. Hahaha!
    I remember a time when i was working as a cashier in a reputable supermarket, a particular lady came not to buy something but only to take selfie :/
    The thing wey some ladies dey do self, are very funny;)
    TuhamWorld's Blog

  16. I'm glad I read this before my December trip to Naija, considering that Ikeja Mall is going to be one of my first stops when I get there. Great post and I love your honesty. God bless!


  17. ICM can be too rowdy. If you are allergic to crowds, make sure you visit on weekdays.


  18. My first time at ICM was fun because I was shopping with a gift voucher. It's very true about the pick pockets. Laffing out @shoprite bread. I did that once


  19. I've been to ICM like twice and its just to rowdy for my liking. The toilet was like a marketplace sef. But i can relate with the Shoprite bread thing. I had to borrow sense and stop wasting my precious time queuing for just bread. Lol

  20. I've prob only been here once or twice! I didn;t even realise the cool kids now called it ICM. And is it weird if I say I've never had shop rite bread? Maybe I should try it soon.
    6 Love Lessons Learnt from my Wedding Ring

  21. you are right sister yemi. + you are beautiful and your husband is a handsome...

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