Last night I tweeted about attending Church this Wednesday morning-remember that RCCG program I told you guys about a long time ago “Hearken Unto Me” that takes place every Wednesday in Magodo Phase II? Ehen, that one. I’ve not attended in a while and now that I am in control of my time, I decided I musto go. I prepared myself in advance, ironed my cloth, packed my bag and went to bed early because that program, if you reach there by 8:00 (the time it starts), you are late. 

I knew my enemies were at work when I started dreaming one long, senseless dream like that…immediately I jumped up! Imagine, the alarm I set for 6.30 went off but I didn't hear. It was 7:00am now, me wey I don plan how I go reach there early mo-mo siddon front seat. I almost jumped into my dress without baffing or brushing but when I thought about whoever my neighbour was going to be, I sorry for them and quickly took my bath, brushed, spray something and I was out of the door! 

Of course by the time I got there at 7.30 there was no space ... However, I was determined to sit in the auditorium. There were some spaces that people put Bible, Facecap, handbags and all what not to claim that someone is sitting there. Is it fair? I hussled to come here early but you are keeping chair for somebody that is still coming. Pastor had warned previously that people shouldn’t do that. 

I started targeting couples with children, imagine three tiny children occupying so much space and they won’t even sit meanwhile adults are standing. There was this woman who kept space for ghost, I say ghost because the person never showed up and she was so rude about not allowing anyone sit on the empty chair. It made me wonder about the reason we were all here in church in the first place….to pray to God abi? For Him to answer our prayers ba? Yet ordinary chair you cannot allow your “neighbour” sit. How will God listen to you when first of all you are disobedient, secondly you have no consideration for your suffering standing neighbour. Haba. 

Finally someone “sorried” for me and allowed me sit on a spare seat she was keeping. Church started and everyone was rejoicing about election results-change is here. Change, change, change! We komole’d and rababa’d but while we were doing that it dawned on me that this "change" we are seeking in this country starts from us; you and me! We need to start doing the right things. We need to be accountable in the little things we do because it's these little things that cause big problems and if we want to see any positive change-it starts with us!


  1. It's the simple reason Nigeria has been getting worse nau.Everybody wants miracle change,nobody wants to work for the change by changing himself first.Maybe now we'd be forced to change.

  2. Sisi Yemmie well said, your right!!!! The change we seek is within us. We need to come together, love together and make this CHANGE work, by God's grace. Keep expressing you xoxo.

  3. so true.... lol...
    sisi, ows ur week going plus uve a great sense of humor

  4. We can only see change when we are involved in it. Well said!

  5. It's so sad that even in church there is so much display of selfishness. Sure, the said change starts with us!!

    Very well said.

  6. True. Well said sisi

  7. Yes Sisi Yemmie...that change starts from the little things like not keeping seats for those not in church on time for those who were there earlier to stand...from obeying traffic,not littering the streets with used cans etc

  8. Na wa o. I think it's in the hands of the ushers and church management to ENFORCE' the rules. If they don't, people will do anyhow. It happens in many places, so churches that see it as a menace make sure it doesn't happen.

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