About a week ago I was having a 'question and answer' session on twitter and on facebook and the question was: What is healthy to share? Should you share toothbrush with your spouse? Or panties (yes, pata!) with your siblings? How about the frequent sharing of towels with friends? Does it signify the intimacy between the 'sharers'? Does it mean if I can't share my boyfriends toothbrush I love him less? O_O

I remember one time like that I go visit one of my friend and I forgot to take my towel along (anyone who knows me knows I always forget something when travelling, why me?!). So as I wan baff I noticed the towel was not in the bag, so I proceeded to the shower and cleaned myself up with my nightwear. My dear friend offered her towel but i declined with immediate alacrity...oh well that was before I learned the art of diplomacy! I could tell that she was not happy with me sha.

Another time for uni, na so this omobabe tell me say she like my top and asked if she could borrow it. Ehn??? I told her I just bought it and instead of borrowing her I would rather dash her BUT as na 'tear rubber' top I kent. I go keep my thing! She vex, she called me stingy. See me see wahala...ontop my own thing! Even my sisters know say I nor like to dey share personal belongings...

Most recently someone asked to use my powder brush...This was someone I met at the changing room of an event. I looked at her like 'you're joking right'? ....but jejely gave it to her...and purposely forgot it. Sometimes I just can't say no.

 I find it hard to share towels, sponges, make-up brushes, toothbrush (kai! there's nothing people won't ask to share). It is extrememly impossible for me to sip from the same straw/cup after someone else (this is why i nor dey share minerals). I wouldn't want to share my spoon as well, seriously!

Is it me? I know I don't have OCD because my friends tell me I'm very jaggered. I don't feel my body clean pass other people but aren't there some things that shouldn't be shared? Where can we draw this line and who should not cross it abeg?


  1. Personal 'intimate' belongings MUST NEVER be shared!

    Buy your stuff or do without it. Brushes will give u yore, make up brushes would transfer lapa lapa and all sorts of immpurities.
    Pant? Like seriously? I wont even share my pashmina for you to tie, how about if you've got lice? *cringes*

  2. With MrLashes and my sisters I share EVERYTHING, my sisters and I were just brought up to share with each other.

    As per powder brush, or like lip gloss brushes, hell anything that involves skin to skin contact, if you're not my sister, it aint happening.

  3. I was almost like you but my case is slightly better. I can now share almost anything with my siblings...towels, sponge and that's it. Oda pple, no way is it gona happen...sorry. Myb my hubby if i eventually get one. I used to hate people pecking my cheeks sef.

  4. It cannot be hygienic. If it happens when extremely necessary, better your spouse. But why would you want to cross contaminate?

    I guess one can argue same for kissing. But brushing your teeth reaching corners that kissing does not.

    It cannot be that difficult to have two toothbrushes if one has one in the house already. And sharing toothbrushes does not say I love you.

    Sharing is caring when we're not sharing germs or contaminants.

  5. I share most things in my family! And of course, there are things you don't have to share with friends or strangers!

    By the way, who shares bank accounts?

  6. If someone i know wants to borrow my shirt...yeah ok. If someone wants to borrow my jeans or my shoes...eh, there might be some issue. Anything else pertaining to health/beauty (toothbrush, make-up sponges, used towels and wash cloths, panties, etc) is an automatic hell no and a possible slap regardless of who you are and how we know each other. Those are things that are completely off-limits. Just because i am close to you doesn't mean i want your germs.

  7. My statements were in reference to toothbrush sharing.

    @Emeka, hahahahaha. Would you like to argue for or against the possible hygienic issues with bank account sharing?

  8. lol... I don't actually mind sharing stuff with my close friends, anything outside that circle is scary. There was a time i shared my powder with someone and I had a nasty breakout after......

  9. Personally, I don't like to share my toothbrush but I've used my husband's toothbrush on one or two occasions when my toothbrush was nowhere to be found. Towels, I can share with my nuclear family. Panties : not a soul!! Haba!
    See me see wahala: your friend called you stingy for not giving her YOUR top? Na by force?
    My dear, it's not OCD: some people just don't understand hygiene or personal space!

  10. alot of people don't understand the word 'boundaries' or its meaning.i can share my clothes with my sis but dats close to impossible as we r not the same size hehehehe

    but sharing make up and the likes HELL NO if you like be my pikin its a big no no for me.i'l give it u than use it with you.

  11. lol... somethings are just too extreme.. I know some boyfriends will feel insulted it u cant share straw with them (like no be desame mouth u dey kiss) ... aside from an intimate person ...I can't share..

    well, I have been in situations where my friends ask and I just can't say no.. If it is for my clothes it's a NO NO .. or I dash them

  12. lol i used to be like you! even my momsie used to complain, i never let any of my siblings enter my rooom, or use my toilet and bathroom, i never let my mum nd my siblings share my toothpaste,bodylotion and the likes....but its diff now, sometimes, when i go for sleepover at my closefriend's, i use her nighty it feels weird but im trying to change to normal because my mom said my ocd level was abnormal.

  13. Well, I dont think you have a problem. I guess it's ur kinda person.
    I share my towel wit my Bf but not my toothbrush. I dont share my lipstick with nobody. Mouth pass mouth o.

  14. I think i can share my clothes (tops mostly) with my sister & one or two really close friends after scrutinising them properly but i wouldn't dare with any other thing such as toothbrush, shoes, towels, sponge, panties etc. These things are more personal and increases the chances of contracting an infection.

  15. For me it depends on the person. First of, I'd never share a toothbrush... I have a mouth/teeth weird things and I just think that's nasty. It's like taking all their dirt and putting it in your mouth. *puke*

    But with immediate family members...(siblings that I know are clean and where they've been) I'll share cups/utensils. I've shared bras with my sister before. Makeup brushes? That's just gross... people use those things on sweaty faces.

    But yeah, for me it depends on the item and person. Never with total strangers though... I don't even like talking to them not mention sharing personal stuff... No thanks.

  16. Jackets,Jeans shirt,etc..but tootbrush & CO, Can`t Share that...

  17. Blessings.....
    Anything where that is a possibility of exchanging bodily fluids is not healthy to share such as towels, toothbrushes etc,

    Have a great day.

  18. Me I no dey share oh...as I no get any sister I no even dey used to that sharing idea while growing up..but when I enter university I come cool down small... It wasn't easy saying no every damn time..

    I still get boundaries sha... I always have a spare towel for visitors (make them dey share am dey go with each other....then once in a while spare undies and toothbrush).

  19. FutureMs.T
    it's always been a difficult issue in my family but as time goes on, they've learnt to deal with me.. The fact is that i don't share anything, not even same cup with nobody as in, i mean NADIE!
    Even when i started going out with my man, i used to spilt like serious when he kisses me. well sha, am over that now.. he's d only one i can share things with (tooth brushes no). I guess i will cope much better when i have baby too :)
    My conclusion: age place all this "i can't, i no fit" in their places. we will reach the stage that the juniors will give us the look of "arrrgh, that's disgusting" and we will reply "u will reach d stage"
    People should just understand that there are some people who doesn't like to share tins.. and they should be repected too.
    I rest my case :)

  20. Its like all the people commenting dint go to Uni. U can't say no,(atleast most of time) ders even a class of people dt ll take & tell you afterwards. Never damned the consequence of sharing esp with my gfs...Most of what we own is "OUR" so u just go I'm wearing our skirt 2day but nt as far as toothbrushes tho. For make up *covers face* I currently share my make up with a RM... I know I shd stop but she's its so convenient for her I can't stop her.


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