My people how body, sorry for the break in transmission. We moved from Durban to Mpumalanga and there has not been wifi here so I could not upload. Lets continue our Durban Diary o jare. On, Sunday, I signed in to persicsope to talk about competition and if it is healthy for business, Tiwa Savage made an appearance in that Scope but it’s gone now because its been beyond 24 hours, howver you will see it in SisiWeekly! Let’s talk about the highlight of my day when we want to the Mandela Capture Site!

Breakfast was really really good! I sat with Olorisupergal but we were too busy on our phones to even have a conversation. LOL.
Sunrise by my window

We started off by going to the Mandela Capture Site. The drive from the hotel took over 2 hours! Why is this site a big deal? 

Well, it is the spot where Nelson Mandela was captured many years ago, 5th August, 1962 to be exact. He was pretending to be a chauffeur and even though he had succeeded in escaping being captured for 17 months, they finally caught up with him, and arrested him. It is a very important historical moment because from this arrest he spent 27 years in prison.

Now the Mandela Capture site is a major destination in South Africa so that we can understand the legacy of this great man!
The spot Mandela was captured

This sculpture below was done by Marco Cianfanelli and Jeremy Rose. It is made of 50 steel column constructions – each between 6.5 and 9.5 metres tall – set into the Midlands landscape. At a distance of 35 meters, a portrait of Nelson Mandela, looking west, comes into focus. The 50 linear vertical units, line up to create the illusion of a flat image.

I ended my photo session with an inspiration post because, how else do you caption a photo like this?

After driving another 2 hours + back to the hotel, we had light refreshment and everyone retired to their rooms to charge their power banks, cameras phones. LOL. I cant explain how important a good power bank is all these photos without a power bank would not have happened because we used our phone cameras for most of the photos.

Time for turnup oh! Later on we went to the beach club for dinner and to just enjoy ourselves. When the DJ played Tiwa Savage's song, come and see how we just dey shout and scatter the place. Nigerians, we bring so much energy and life to anything!

Do you think Nigerians are extra loud and aggressive ?

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Kilzes. 😘


  1. Awwww so much fun!!! I agree with you Sisi the only way is UP!!!!

  2. I can't wait for the sisi weekly!! It will be so lit

  3. This post is so insightful. Thank you for sharing Yemi :) I've learnt some things from it. It's always at the peak that phones die! I'm even about investing in a good power bank myself (do you have anyone you can recommend to me since I haven't ever bought one before). Nigerians NEVER turn down, we turn up! So glad y'all LIT up that place!🙌🙌Yaay for Nigerians!
    Btw, honey, you've lost so much weight and are doing a good job keeping it off #High Five

  4. Sisi, I'm officially jealous!
    Such lovely photos. That breakfast!!!
    I didn't know Mandela's capture site was attributed such significance.
    Looking forward to Sisi Weekly.
    The only way is up indeed! So inspiring!

  5. Sisiyemmie this is very interesting and i can see that you are having fun

  6. I'm going to South Africa because of you!

  7. Yessooo we are moving on UP!!! Enjoyment galore sisi yemmie ooo #sisiyemmieblogaddict#


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