I woke up with the rising sun today at 6:00 am would think because I'm on holiday I should be sleeping and stretching my leg ehn...LOL. But can you sleep when you have an action-packed, fun-filled day? I took this photo below by my window early this morning. What a beautiful start to the day! Those who follow me on instagram HERE have seen most of these pictures already. Follow to stay updated on my trip and search the hashtags #NigeriaMeetSouthAfrica #SisiYemmie

Breakfast was English Breakfast and was so good. I enjoyed my meal in good company. Breakfast is SOOOOO IMPORTANT. I cannot come and go and be fainting know all that has been planned for the day.

After breakfast and a couple of selfies, we headed out to Moses Mabhida Stadium. I got a bit emotional seeing photos of people who had to pay the price (with their blood) for South Africa to have some peace. 

We moved on from there to Ushaka Marine Workd where we spent the most part of the day. I wanted to get in the water but I no bring swimming costume, plus when I remembered how long it took to put on my makeup this morning, I said, "nah men"!

We stopped at a restaurant in Ushaka Marine world for lunch. I ordered for Prawns and I had Cheese cake for dessert. YUM!

After eating, we went back to the hotel for a brief change and headed back out to Durban Wharf for a boat cruise. It was no ordinary boat cruise, it was Tiwa Savage's listening party for her album RED. I love that album, I'm sure you know. Those who saw my snapchat were wondering if na me compose the song. LOL

photo by Olorisupergal
After the boat cruise, some of us went to Gateway Shopping Mall...I only had one hour to do shopping-it's been a while since I was let loose in a Mall with stores like Zara and I'm definitely going back there tomorrow. I'm looking to buy an outfit for Durban July which is a MEGA EVENT in South Africa. This event is tomorrow and I don't have cloth yet. Issssokay! 

Some of the group have decided to attend Mafikizolo's Exclusive party tonight and they were asking if I want to turn up. Me? Turn up? My waist wan break and I have to wake up early mo-mo tomorrow to find a dress for Durban July-the event starts by 12:00pm. 

So no. No turn up for me tonight. Fare thee well!


  1. Enjoyment officer!!Have fun jare because when you come back Naija wahala dey wait you!

  2. Awww I so much enjoy following this your South African tour! You didn't want to sleep because of your make-up ehn? You are a case! That early morning picture is so cool. It just soothes my soul in a way too deep for words.

  3. The place is so beautiful. You need to be arrested by the fun police. Have a great time!

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I love travel posts! Keep sharing and snapping away for us to join you in spirit!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. South Africa is so beautiful.Have all the fun you can,don't forget to update 'us'.

  6. Sisi carry go ooo!!!!! #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  7. You look so good! And everyone, and everything too!
    Are you bonding with my boo, Tiwa Savage? ^.^
    Have fun, Sisi! Looking forward to more photos!

  8. Beautiful photos. Have loads of fun you guys

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