One of the highlights of coming to South Africa was to attend Durban July. I didn't understand how important this event was until we arrived in Durban and most people were talking about it. We were told to wear "bottom box" and I remembered that I brought nothing. So I took a cab to Gateway Mall-I was so happy to be there. See ehn... do you know the joyous feeling of being in a mall with over 200 stores? Ayayayaya! I was ecstatic-I even took a photo and then I realised why people go to Ikeja Mall to take photos. See my life outside πŸ˜‚

First of all, what is Durban July? It is Africa’s Greatest Horseracing Event and this was the 120th instalment. The fashion angle of this event is always LIT! Which is why we were all dressed up-even with fascinators. 

It took at least an hour to find the dress, I wore I'd never think of wearing blue but I liked the dress. What do you think? Did Mama Tito rep well? See what everyone in the group wore:
Sisi Yemmie :)

Tewa Onasanya
Eko Ogunbor (thechameleonblogger)

AY Makun


Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim and Praiz


Donut CoolFM

Tina Savage was so cold everyone had to put on a jacket or cover, but some opelenge ladies did not. I have kweshun to ask, I always see ladies baring flesh in freezing cold weather and I cannot understand why. Do some people take medicines that keep the cold away or what? I thought I was going to freeze over. 
I saw all kinds of outfits today but I think this takes the cake for being the most interesting outfit of the day: Genitalia! Can you see the designs? Look closely.

We called it a night by 10:00 pm and I could not wait to get back to the warmth in  my room, the bed and some KFC. 

Have you read Durban Diary 1 HERE? Durban Diary 2 nko? HERE. Follow to stay updated on my trip and search the hashtags #NigeriaMeetSouthAfrica #SisiYemmie

Kilzes. 😘


  1. Mama Tito you were stunning, love your dress and makeup - your best look ever by far. Everyone looks so lovely as well.

  2. The dress looked good in you Sisi! Juliet Ibrahim is looking so voluptuous.. Enjoy!

  3. Sis, yes you repped. Very well too.

  4. Mama Tito is enjoying SA...the dress looks good on you.

  5. Blue! My Favourite colour! It looks absolutely amazing on you, you repped well.
    you can check out all my blue escapades here or here xx

  6. Loved the headband!!! I must purchase one,they make the icing on the cake on most any dressy outfit!! Navy is the other chic black

  7. You came, SLAYED, and conquered #endofdiscussion!

  8. Sisi u no say if u no rep well no bother come back naija just dey SA. But u rocked it well, you looked gorgeous n as usual makeup was on fleek lol keep enjoying ursef jare. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  9. You all slay!
    Saw your dress on Insta and I was wondering where it was from. Love it! Could you please share the deets on your strapless bra as well? It did such a great job! Not having a decent strapless bra prevents me from wearing fashunz like this one (spaghetti hand) :)

  10. Sisi Yemmi your dress was the best you looked elegant and classy and far better than the rest of the girls. The man wearing he long white jalabia with the red head gear was a joke. What was he trying to prove?

  11. You and Eki looked great!!! I love your dresses the most :)

    Berry Dakara Blog

  12. Aunty you are enjoying ohhh! You look stunning and I hope you are enjoying your mini vacation. My desire to visit SA has definitely grown but I think I will go during their summer and my winter. Great photos and God bless.

  13. Wow the dress is so nice and it sits well on you.

  14. With the cold, you still have time to makeup and madeup, you really repped well


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