On the 5th day of our time in South Africa, we moved to Mpumalanga, and it is Zulu which means "the place where the sun rises from"...I even joked about calling Tito my "Mpumalanga" 😍. Mpumalanga is in the East of South Africa. Tourists come here for a variety of reasons but majorly for Kruger National Park which is a huge nature reserve with abundant wildlife including big game and then there is the province's iconic Blyde River Canyon, one of the largest in the world!Before we left for the airport we had about 2 hours to go to  Gateway Mall for a bit of shopping. We were given 30 minutes "pere" to shop! Which kain life! That was the fastest shopping spree I've ever done in my life! 

I didn't even get time to stretch leg and relax when we got back, we hopped on a small plane to Nelspruit Airport but before we did I looked at the view from my room at Southern Sun Hotel... I'll miss it. 

The flight to Nelspruit Airport took just 50 minutes and it is the smallest plane I've been on. I joked about how it reminded me of a book I read as a child "Gulliver's Travels"... I love that book! Did you ever read it? I digress. The trip was short and comfortable-in no time we arrived Mpumalanga. 

We received a warm welcome from our hosts at Protea Hotel Hazview, we got served fresh juices and some canapés. Yum! The view was very scenic, relaxing and if this was in summer, we would have jumped in that beautiful pool. 

After receiving us, we were shown our rooms so I finally got time to un-wind. The room I got was very big and had two beds, once again I wished Bobo and Tito were here. I mean....look at all the space. This is going to be my abode till the end of my trip. I didn't unpack sha because we are towards the last leg of the trip and ain't nobody got time to be un-packing, packing, and forgetting things. 

As a part of the welcome, we were each given 45 minutes for a massage- it was so soothing but I found it hard to relax 100% because I'm somehow when it comes to massages.Somebody will just be rubbing my body upandan plus being almost nude (Yes, I'm a bush geh like that).

Later on it was time for dinner, it was very cold it took a lot of ginger for me to go out to the restaurant. In the summer months this place will be very enjoyable! Before we had dinner, I helped Eki take some photos-see fine girl no agaracha! She came to slay...cold where?!

I was looking forward to eating Chakalaka and Pap on this trip. This is their own "jollof" oh, so I asked the chef if he would serve one and he promised to serve it the next day. 

Can't wait!


  1. You sure had so much fun sisi. Good to have you back home.


  3. I'm sad that I didn't get to see you when you were here but I'm glad you had a great time.

  4. Beautiful things .... This Eki is a fine woman oo what is brother man waiting for naa?

  5. Welcome back to naija sisi wetin you bring for us na? #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  6. Sisi yemmie I am. Still waiting for your. Episode 53 onyoutube hmmmmm we missed you last week

  7. Eki is so gorgeous!

    And that hotel looks like the real deal! Somewhere I'd like to stay in if I ever visited.

    Berry Dakara Blog


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