I finally have been able to edit Part 2 of my South African Tour! I think this video is one of my favourites! We had fun. I spent an amazing 8 days travelling to South Africa with Kelechi Amadi Obi, Tiwa Savage, Juliet ibrahim, AY (Ayo Makun) Eki Ogunbor, Praiz, Jennifer, Tewa Onasanya, Hloni Pitso, Jimi Ayo, Chuks, Yvonne Nelson, Dotun CoolFM, Tosin Ajibade, Reggie & Eben.

Did you see my posts? Durban Diary 1 HERE and Durban Diary 2 HERE.Also Day 3 HERE , Day 4 HERE and Day 5 HERE . In this episode you get to see that we attended Durban July, went to Gateway Mall, visited the Mandela Capture Site, and went from Durban to Mpumalanga! Say it with me "Mpuuuuuuumalangaaaaaaaa"! LOL

The song I used mostly in this vlog is by Benita Okojie-Jesu N'abba. I love this song and I love the lady! 

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  1. Oh dear, you had quite an adventure. I lived vicariously through this video. Do you know, that song you asked for was what was playing in my head from the start of the video?It's by Hugh Masekela, performed at the Graceland concert. About the "copying", some could be inspired by you. Some may have exact taste as you (Seriously, I've seen someone like that). Some just copy, which ain't fair. Whatever it is, the original will always stand the test of time. I reiterate, I Can't get my eyes off those sunshades mehhnn(Allow me to copy that one. LOL). you guys sure had fun. LOL@ "...eeeez videooo" to Dotun.

  2. Nice one Sisi! Off to YouTube..Lol

  3. Lol @ girls who wear skimpy clothing in winter. I've heard a girl say when she wants to wear "sexy" clothes, not even serious cold can stop her. SMH
    SA is really beautiful! Enjoyed watching.

  4. Whaooo sis ur comment on slim ladies wearing skimpy outfit in winter really cracked me up, but walai all dose tins dey say@it is summer already it is not cold, omo na wash oooo, cold dey catch me una say na summer, summer ko, autumn ni, I love u Tiwa......and I love Jam Jam but I love Tito more.Kizzes!!!

  5. Yaayyy pt2 is here!!!!. SA is such a beautiful country. Where u n AY were singing abt Snapchat kill ur battery got me lmao, sisi u r sooo funny u should try comedy one of these days oo *winks*. The end of the vlog was so touching where u were skyping with Tito n Bobo it was so obvious u were missing them n I missed Tito too oo. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#


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