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You people like gbeborun too much...this is what you've been clicking and clicking on my blog this year.  have a total of 672 posts published on this blog from the beginning and 322 posts were published this year alone meaning...hardworker l'omo! Let's review the top 10 for 2014! Grab a cup of zobo...

1. Our First Pre Wedding Photos which was published HERE was the highest ranking post for 2014! Wonderful. I can see why, I mean we all love weddings and I guess this is one that everybody was looking forward to.  Almost 11 years of dating...Jesus broke the yoke!

2. Monday Chit-Chat: Meet Mr & Mrs O! That was the first post after the wedding and I was giving you people gist of honeymoon and tinz. Read it HERE .That reminds me about the white wedding photos I forgot to upload, should we make it one of the first posts for 2015? Nod if you agree.

3. Our Traditional Wedding sha! LOL. You can go through the lovely pictures HERE 

4. Jamie Oliver murdered Jollof Rice. That was epic! I remember how so many people were going on about #jollofgate. The man committed a crime! LOL. See why this post was popular HERE

5. Is A Foreign Masters Degree Really Worth It? I wrote that post in September when a lot of students were thinking of going to obodo oyibo for their postgraduate studies and I gave my own ten kobo on the issue. If you're weighing your options then read that post HERE

6. The Time My Husband Sister Zoned Me. It wasn't funny when it happened but later on my sense of humour came back and I just had to tell you about it! Bobo was so badly behaved that day and trust me, when we meet some readers in public they warned him not to try it again. LOL. See the post HERE

7. Our Second Pre Wedding Shoot made number seven. Come....una like wedding oh. Click HERE to see the pictures, They were lovely,

8. 20 Random Facts About Me - I loved this post because it made me take a look at myself and come up with facts. I also discovered some similarities I share with some of you. We really got to know ourselves a little bit better, abi? You now know where where my reset buttons are :D Read it HERE

9.  Monday Chit-Chat: Birthday Babe. It must be something about this orange dress that made people click click click on this post. Or what was it? Read it HERE

10. Dear Bloggers: How I Almost Got Sued. Yes oh. It almost happened and shishi I nor get.  If I got sued na una for bail me. That was one time I was really really scared shitless. Read it HERE

There were other amazing posts! So many! The all can't be in the post but you can take time and go through my blog. 

The purpose of this review is to see where I've been scoring 10 over 10 and where improvements need to be made. I have to applaud myself, Monday Chit-Chat ran for the whole year!!! 3 Gbosa for that one. 

We need to make 2015 an even bigger year and I want YOU to tell me how you go like run the I have 2 kweshuns for you:

1. Which was your favourite post this year (even if it didn't make the list)
2. What kind of posts to you want to see in 2015 ? 

Thank you all for an amazing 2014! God bless you! 


  1. I think you should try to post daily, I know you have another job, But having a post every day in my opinion will help your brand...and do you write for Cosmo nigeria now? My best post was the honeymoon one...

    1. Mr. Anonymous, you think say e easy, abeq my Sisi Keep turning up ooo, coz me like am like that, posting daily sef na something....

      Eedris recently posted...See How Desperate father uses daughter as collateral for N600,000 loan(Photo)

    2. Anonymous is most likely not a blogger. Someone that is still working should be posting everyday? Okay oo.

  2. I loved all the post but the Monday Chit-Chat: Birthday Babe and Is A Foreign Masters Degree Really Worth It? was the best for me,i think you should post more often please.Step up the game Sisi.

  3. Hello Sisi Yemmie. You did not mention any post about your natural hair journey. It was when I was seeking information about natural hair transitioning that I stumbled on your website.Could you do a post on maintenance routine for a transitioning natural hair? Have a blissful new year.

  4. Hey My sister!....sorry MY SISI.

    My own fav. post was the Sister Zone stuff, keep up the Good Job, God Bless!

    Eedris recently posted...See Photos from Calabar Carnival 2014

  5. I loved all your posts, many of your experiences are so real that I can relate. I liked your post and video on long distance relationships. In 2015 I am looking forward to more realness and humor. Happy New year in advance!!

  6. Hmm! Lemme not lie. Any post that had food in it were favorites of mine.
    The Dubai honeymoon post was great too. And of course the wedding pics.
    In short all those monday

  7. i like most of your posts though i wished you could post more often.

  8. Love all monday chit chats and food reviews.

  9. I love all ur post, especially the food part :D.... I also like ur hair post too... But my favourite is still the monday chichat... Happy new year in advance everyone

  10. I love your sense of humour and ofcourse the food posts and how to cook them.
    I still remember the "let it burrrrn jollof rice recipe" from last year.
    And of course weddings!
    Lol at Jesus broke the yoke.
    Greater 2015 sisi yemmie!

  11. I Loved the wedding series best; Pre wedding photos, Trad wedding photos. I even blogged abouth them. I also enjoyed your interview with PM news (Fempreneur)
    I think you should do more reviews, your reviews are always interesting.
    I stumbled on your blog through InFashion Rehab Feb this year, and there has never been a dull moment. I'm glad I discovered your blog. I have been greatly encouraged and inspired.
    P.S - Sisi Yemmie aka Mrs O. I know something LOL!!!!!

  12. Happy New Year dear. I love the posts But the comments in the Jamie Oliver one got me laughing really hard! lol. Also loved the facts about you.

  13. I luuuuv and still look forward to the food recipe posts! U thought me hw to prepare good fried rice, sisi and trust me, I've finally earned respect amongst my siblings and mum! Thanks!

  14. Dis my 1st time 2 all d post...happy new year sisiyemmie......Temmy

  15. Love ya website for a long time now though.

  16. I love all the Monday chit chats basically because of the food reviews.I want to see posts of I didn't sleep because the baby was awake all night,

  17. always love monday chit chat , food/place review

  18. Monday chit chat, any post that has food in it :d and the post about your husband sister zoning you. That was hilarious! I also loveee all the wedding posts.

  19. My friend and I are STILL talking about the sister-zone post. LOL.

  20. Happy New Year, Sisi Yemmie!

    I love the really funny posts under the GistDotCom section of your blog, like: the dramatics of fasting, fuel scarcity…and even some from 2013, like: driving in Lagos: the real rules and tips, gbese, call me sam - These were the posts that got me hooked on your blog. I shared them with friends who got hooked as well.

    In 2015, I hope that you can bring on these super-funny posts, and even juicier :)

    Best Wishes!

  21. i have some catching up to do on your blog :)


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