Baileys, No.1 Irish Cream Liqueur, inspired the collections of the international award winning designer Larry Kay Ojomo at the African International Fashion Week. 

The Baileys Collection caused tremendous excitement for the audience as they were modeled on the runway on Friday, December 6, 2014 at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

According to Larry Kay Ojomo, “we designed the Baileys Collections to inspire and celebrate the African woman.” He expressed his delight in designing the Baileys Collection for the African International Fashion Week 2014. 

Udjoh Ufuoma, Baileys Brand Manager, said that Baileys is proud to be associated with African International Fashion Week 2014. “Baileys is a brand that appeals specifically and uniquely to women and we are honored to play co-host to this global fashion event. The ‘Baileys special collection’ is a representation of the Baileys purpose which is to inspire every African lady to shine and feel fabulous. This is delivered in the designs and colours that are characteristic of the feminine style and sophistication of the Baileys brand”.

The event also featured renowned designers like Totally Ethnic from Cote d'Ivoire, Salum Signature from Ghana, Gozel Green, Mani Lopush from Nigeria. Others are Ade Bakare, Carducci, JP Kingdom, Needle Point, Omak, Trish O Couture, Modella B and many more as well as upcoming designers in the fashion industry. 

The African International Fashion Week (AIFW) is an initiative which is focused and committed to building and promoting Africa’s design talents through platforms which are meant to showcase the creativity of talented designers. It also offers a retail opportunity to designers.


  1. Interesting.. am finding it difficult to comment sisi y na.. it b showing error.. #sad

  2. I never did like baileys. Always made it seem like a ladys drink but it didnt appeal to me. Anyway beautiful cloths though.

  3. Really don't like the collection. Costume-y, not well crafted for a woman's body and definitely not unique. I'm not really surprised though because the phrase "Baileys Collection", doesn't conjure up images of glamour and sophistication. Not sure who to blame, Baileys for the inspiration or the designer, Ojomo...

  4. So many beautifully dressed people - love it!


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